Nov 012001


With the Aptus™ platform you can manage and monitor your remote equipment in ways you never thought possible. Pilotfish Aptus™ offers a turnkey software platform for Machine to Machine Communication (M2M) in three parts: a scalable back-end system, a wireless gateway and communication between these two.

A platform for M2M Communication requires a very high degree of scalability, which means it can be as small or large as you like. As the M2M market increases, so will the number of wireless gateways that the system has to administrate. A M2M platform needs to be future proof: even if it handles only a small system with few gateways today, it will be able to support a large and widespread system with a multitude of gateways tomorrow.

All Aptus™ services, from basic to custom-made applications, are easily accessible through the user-friendly web interface. Aptus™ contains powerful tools for gatewayadministration. Services such as updates, configuration management and new installations can easily be carried out via a web interface. Custom-made applications are effortlessly integrated into existing systems. Whenever new functionality is required, new software is installed and maintained by the back-end system. This way the new functionality is immediately accessible. The Aptus™ system offers extended possibilities to create an individual set of pre-defined profiles. These profiles control the access rights and the views of data and functions, making it impossible for unauthorized users to access the system.

Technical details Aptus™ Telematics Platform
The back-end system is based on robust and proven Java™ Enterprise Java™ 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) technology with XML support technology around a high performance Oracle® database. Thanks to its XMLbased architecture the Aptus™ platform can easily be adapted to interact with ERP and existing legacy systems.


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