Nov 012003


Swedish National Prison and Probation Service signs deal with Pilotfish regarding the development of a on-line security and fleet-management system.

The system will increase the security and peace of mind for transporters and decrease stress levels for planners. Alarms, soft alarms and other messages are sent from the vehicles to the planners using a secure and reliable system instead of cell phones. Alarms are automatically dispatched to SOS Alarm (the Swedish national alarm centre) as well as to the transport planners. This ensures faster and more secure alarms, which in turn brings increased security for transporters.

Magnus Carlsson, Head of Security at the Transportation Service of the Correctional Facilities says:
-It feels absolutely right. The security increases and there will be less stress for the staff. Moreover, the alarm is connected to professional alarm centres. They have the possibility of bugging the vehicle and the police can quickly arrive at the scene.

The system positions and tracks vehicles (using GPS), which is useful for daily operations as well as for critical situations. The planners at the transport service’s command centre have access to an application where they can see the location and status of each vehicle on a detailed map. The system also keeps records of vehicle positions and alarms, which simplifies follow-ups, investigations and planning.

In addition to vehicle alarm systems, there will also be a portable personal alarm system in each vehicle, connected to SOS Alarm.

The Prison and Probation Service has extensive transport activities, each year about 40 000 clients are transported, for instance, from police to remand prison, from remand prison to prison and between prisons. The vehicle fleet consists of almost 60 vehicles based at local offices all around Sweden, all equipped with Pilotfish’s telematics solution.


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