Jun 052004


Swedish company Västtrafik, operator of one of the most advanced public transport information systems in the world, is evaluating a Pilotfish solution for installation in their public transport vehicles.

The proposed Pilotfish solution is a wireless gateway, which enables simple, efficient and transparent communication between the back office and the different systems onboard a Västtrafik vehicle (bus, tram, train or boat).

Communication is carried out using GPRS and WLAN. The gateway also enables communication with the onboard equipment using other wireless networks (for instance 3G or Tetra) when these are available. This possibility to choose from several different communication channels allows for a lower total communication cost and higher communication reliability. Information from the onboard equipment is displayed on a web portal in the back office where Västtrafik administrators can easily overview the information.

The Pilotfish wireless gateway:
· provides transparent two-way communication for the Västtrafik ticket processor (TP).
· communicates with the back office via GPRS and WLAN.
· reports GPS data (position, speed and course).
· reports power management and notification.


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