Jul 202004


A new and patented communication gateway has been developed by Pilotfish. The patented technology acts as a gateway between a vehicle’s internal communication system and communication channels (modems) and makes it possible to attach many different communication modems instead of choosing one. This makes the communication system future proof and reduces the cost of communication.

The wireless gateway is a piece of software that runs on hardware devices. The software is built on software modules that are included in the platform. These modules enable the agent to collect, control and transmit data. For example you can set alarms, schedule data dumps, logdata, track positions and react to a wide array of events.

The starting-point and aim for the development of the Pilotfish Wireless Agent has been to create a high-end solution for all major standards today as well as future protocols including customer specific standards. This makes the agent an important component in a future-proof M2M telematics platform.

Pilotfish co-operates with several market leading operators in telecommunications to ensure cost-efficiency and reliability. The most advantageous choice during present conditions – be it GSM (datacom or SMS), GPRS or Inmarsat-C – is dynamically determined. Pilotfish continuously expands the range of communication choices, in the near future new 3G communication standards, as well as proprietary standards, will be supported.

The gateway is protected by two separate patents. It uses open standardized protocols.


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