Oct 132005


This fall, a large European public transportation authority equips all their vehicles (more than 1800 buses, trams, boats and trains) with a wireless gateway from Pilotfish.

Pilotfish’s wireless gateway is the cornerstone of the solution that enhances the service for public transportation customers and keeps operation costs at a minimum. The investement in this future proof and flexible vehicle infrastructure saves a lot of time and money.

Previously, each of the on-board systems connected individually to the operator’s central back-office, resulting in high communication costs. The wireless gateway connects existing on-board equipment with the back-office and enables transparent, simple and efficient communication between the systems. The communication uses a number of concurrent bearers, such as GPRS, wireless LAN, 3G, private radio and Tetra. Information is collected and transferred according to an advanced algorithm that decides what communication channel is the optimal choice, given the circumstances. Data transfer will always be performed at lowest possible cost, with the most appropriate bearer and at the best point in time.

“We are very proud of the fact that we have been chosen as supplier of wireless communication gateways in tough competition with other manufacturers such as Cisco. In my eyes this is the proof and confirmation that our focus on wireless data communication has succeeded so far” states Mattias Fredriksson, CEO of Pilotfish.


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