Oct 162006


Pilotfish Networks AB initiates a co-operation with Halmstad University by sponsoring an industrial doctorate programme within distributed mobile systems. The aim is to further strengthen Pilotfish’s technology and systems knowledge for the development of next generation Fleet Management Systems. In order to continue leading within the area, Pilotfish now starts an industrial doctorate program in close collaboration with the research academy SAVE-IT and the IDE-section at Halmstad University.

A candidate for the doctoral program will during the next five years study methods and systems designed to communicated and control mobile fleets of units, may they be buses, trucks or robots in an industrial environment. The is on developing systems where the individual units collaborate in between each other in order to diminish the interdependence between the expensive central systems, it will make the systems more robust and reduce administration.

”We would like to establish a healthy relationship between Halmstad University and ourselves, we believe that it will result in finding robust systems for the future and add knowledge to our organisation”, states Mattias Fredriksson, Executive Director at Pilotfish. “We are looking forwards to a close collaboration with the successful upcoming university in Halmstad”.

The IDE-section at Halmstad University will be in charge with the CERES – CEnter for Research on Embedded Systems established in 2005. Halmstad University has a long tradition of tying in companies to the organisation and has one of its main goals to support the industry with results.

Pilotfish Networks AB develops complete solutions for surveillance of mobile systems within public transport, car-pooling and leisure boats. Pilotfish offers secure communication between the mobile units and back-end. The Mark II gateway is used by, amongst others, Västtrafiks buses and trams. The unit is installed in more than 2000 vehicles and it lets the bus systems communicate with the control center in Gårda. C-pod is Pilotfish’s leisure boat surveillance system. It knows where the boat is and can send alarms on break and entry or if the boat is moved from its dock. Pilotfish has offered surveillance systems for leisure boats since 1999.


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