Oct 162006


Pilotfish Networks AB today presents the Pilotfish RSA solution. The target group is equipment manufacturers who have an agreement to support products installed at customers premises. Pilotfish RSA makes it possible for companies to connect to supported products within customer facilities using public mobile networks.

The market for remote connections is increasing. Pilotfish Networks AB has proven that both critical alarms and business driving information can be communicated in a robust and secure manner and are prepared to deliver a standard solution tailored for individual customer needs.

Companies today are often forced to focus on core business areas. That is why RSA is offered as a managed service in which Pilotfish Networks AB will monitor the communication channels and equipment agreed upon in a service level agreement. The customer receives a value, a product, support and less worry, without introducing another system to maintain. Pilotfish sticks to its core business by doing what we do best; making things talk.

Pilotfish long and proven relationship with Wyless Plc. guarantees that RSA is available in almost any country, out-of-the-box.


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