Feb 132008


Pilotfish Networks AB has developed a cost-efficient way of identifying a vehicle by using an electronic device that is mounted (bolted) into the vehicle. The Pilotfish® XID device solves the problem of identifying in what vehicles electronic equipment is placed.

The logistics of maintaining and keeping record of all the electronics equipment in a large public transport fleet (ticketing, video, GPS, on-board computer etc.) is daunting. Fleets with hundreds or even thousands of vehicles is constantly being changed and upgraded for different reasons, the process of keeping track of all the equipment has up till now been, to say the least, difficult and costly.

The Pilotfish® XID complements the Pilotfish® Vehicle Gateway by providing a fixed unique ID that is broadcasted to all users of the on-board communication gateway. The XID Identity is automatically synchronized with a central database.

– “It might sound like a trivial problem” says Erik Nordenfelt, CEO “but the fact is that this is a major cause of distress and increased cost to the operators simply due to the poor quality of information in the maintenance databases. We now provide any equipment that is connected through the Pilotfish® Vehicle Gateway with position, bandwidth availability and Vehicle Identity”

Already in 2005 Pilotfish Networks AB developed a first version of the future oriented concept Pilotfish® Wanda. The gateway concept is now being standardized by European Committee for Standardization [CEN].

More information:
Erik Nordenfelt, VD, Pilotfish Networks AB, tel. +46733-712162


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