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SJ will be the first company in Sweden to install EuroMaint Rail’s system for remote monitoring – RVM, Real-time Vehicle Monitoring. Forty-three of SJ’s X2 trains have been equipped with the system, which collects status information and fault indication data from rolling stock in real time.

RVM has been developed by EuroMaint Rail in cooperation with Gothenburg-based technical partner Pilotfish Networks. The system combines EuroMaint Rail’s rolling stock and maintenance expertise with Pilotfish’s tried-and-tested technical platform for modern public transport. RVM is based on a ‘vehicle gateway’ which is linked to sensors that measure the status of some of the rolling stock’s most critical subsystems.

“This provides us with valuable information on the technical status of our rolling stock. We hope to be able to avoid recurring problems and, in the long run, achieve greater reliability. With fault indication data in real time, we are also counting on an improvement in maintenance precision and a shortening of workshop lead times so that rolling stock can be returned to traffic more quickly”, says Lars Lindberg, who is in charge of technical product management at SJ.

With fault indication and status information in real time, it is easier to analyse and track recurring or intermittent faults. This is possible as the system also collects information on where the fault occurred and under what conditions, for example at what speed, and can tell us if the power supply was interrupted, etc. Faults are reported automatically, which provides more reliable, quicker and more frequent information and means time savings for onboard personnel, who can instead focus on driving the train and providing passengers with service.

“As information on rolling stock status and any faults can be collected automatically, our workshops are less dependent on fault reports submitted by onboard personnel. It is easier to plan corrective and preventive maintenance activities and our service engineers can ensure that material and instruments are available when the rolling stock arrives at the workshop. This shortens the lead times for maintenance work and the availability of vehicles can be improved,” says Håkan Berndtsson, Business Area Manager at EuroMaint Rail.

EuroMaint Rail’s solution for remote monitoring is the first major installation where Pilotfish’s vehicle gateway for information to and from vehicles is being used to indicate faults on trains.

“We are very proud of having been selected as a technical partner to EuroMaint Rail. There are demanding technical requirements within the rail transport industry and we regard this as clear proof of the quality of our products and services”, says Erik Nordenfelt, CEO of Pilotfish. “This partnership also makes it possible to supplement our offer for bus operators, for instance, with a service developed in close cooperation with one of Europe’s leading maintenance companies. There is the potential for huge savings for several of our customers.”

For more information, contact: 
Håkan Berndtsson, Business Area Manager, EuroMaint Rail, +46 (0)73 920 07 18
Erik Nordenfelt, CEO, Pilotfish, +46 (0)73 371 2162

EuroMaint Rail strengthens its customers’ competitiveness via services and products that increase the availability, reliability and service life of rolling stock. The company offers qualified technical maintenance and refurbishment of rolling stock and its components.

The head office is located in Solna and the business operates at sites in Sweden, Germany, Belgium, Poland, the Netherlands and Latvia. The company has 2,300 employees and a turnover of SEK 3.2 billion.

EuroMaint Rail is part of the EuroMaint Group, which is owned by Ratos, one of Europe’s largest listed holding companies.


Pilotfish Networks AB offers vehicle gateways and other products for shared and secure access to onboard equipment within modern public transport. The work of standardising the concept of vehicle gateways is continuing at a European level and is being driven by Pilotfish.

Pilotfish products are also offered as tailor-made services to bus operators within public transport in order to secure operators’ profitability and provide support in environmental work.



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