Apr 042014

The Lithuanian bus company Kauno Autobusai is the first of the Baltic countries to use the Swedish company, Pilotfish’s system in order to improve their driving economy.

A section of the public transport fleet in Lithuania’s second largest city, Kauno, is being equipped with the eco-driving system Pilotfish® Fuel Economy. The system has been installed in a number of buses that run on locally produced biogas.

This first order from Kauno us a step into the East European market for Gothenburg-based company Pilotfish Networks.

”This is the first eco-driving system that we provide outside of Sweden. It is a good reference for us and hopefully will create new collaborations with companies in other larger European countries.” says Tomas Gabinus, CEO for Pilotfish Networks.

The technique measures and reports the effects of a change in driving style. As the system gives direct feedback to each driver, it is an effective and supportive tools that stimulates a lasting change in behavior.

But it is not only the consumption of fuel that is positively affected. A smoother driving style alsoleads to less wear and lower maintenance costs. Therefore it improves the bus company’s entire economy.

Kauno Autobusai is solely owned by the city of Kaunas in southern Lithuania. It is the Baltic region’s fourth largest city, with more than 350 000 inhabitants. The public transport company was founded in 1934, has nearly 500 employees and 139 buses in operation.

The deal with gas buses in Kauno has been possible within the framework of the EU-funded programme, Baltic Biogas Bus project, which runs until October this year. The project aims to reduce the environmental impact of public transport and strengthen the Baltic region’s competitive advantages.

Pilotfish’s ecodriving technology is not specifically linked to gas-powered vehicles. The system can be used on all types of vehicles. Fuel Economy, just like all of Pilotfish’s other applications, is built on the platform Vechicle OnLine. This means that customers who invest in eco-driving can also take advantage of the other benefits the technology has to offer. It allows vehicles to communicate in real time with the company’s various IT systems.

For more information about the technique from Pilotfish and the Kauno Autobusai business deal in Lithuania, contact: Tomas Gabinus



The Lithuanian bus company Kauno Autobusai is a new customer.


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