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PRESS RELEASE Gothenburg February 22, 2017


Pilotfish sees a growing demand for modern fleet management systems for public transport in
Norway. The competition within public transport is characterized by deregulation and new
participants in “healthy” competition with electric vehicles and car sharing. At the same time
travellers want higher quality and more information about their travel options. This leads to a
development where operators are forced to innovate in order to remain competitive.

Pilotfish sees that the Norwegian market is one of the first with this development. The market is
mature in the understanding of standardisation and the implications this has on the quality of fleet
management systems in public transport. This area describes Pilotfish’s niche. Pilotfish ‘Bus Fleet
Management Platform’ provides Public Transport Operators (PTO) and Public Transport Authorities
(PTA) open and competitively neutral solutions. This means that customers can freely choose the
Fleet Management provider that will best meet their requirements.

The end customer expects that public transport is on time, that the driver is driving efficiently and
safely, that the traffic information is accurate and readily available and the price is reasonable
compared with road transport.
Pilotfish offers an open IT and fleet management platform for all suppliers of IT equipment whereby
bus can connect to their equipment and communicate with the client, their own or third-party
systems or outside the bus. This means less equipment in the bus, easier operation and maintenance
and lower costs for all.

In the past, customers have largely been locked in the choice of suppliers and solutions and the
systems have been correspondingly static and rigid “Silo Solutions”. Modern communication
technology, 4G networks, is now available throughout all of Norway and the customers have
requested fleet management and information systems to improve the customer experience of a
public transport that is growing vigorously.

The end customer expects that public transport is running, that the driver is running efficiently and
safely, that traffic information is accurate and readily available and the price is reasonable compared
with car transport. Pilotfish offers a platform with associated services that helps operators and
authorities to continually improve their processes, and raise the service level vis-á-vis the customer.

Tomas Gabinus, CEO Pilotfish Networks states that. “Pilotfish’s core values are:”


Tomas Gabinus says that Pilotfish would like to help customers within public transport to be better,
step by step through continuous development.

Throughout 2016 Pilotfish has prepared its organization and their activities to meet the demand for
international services. The first step is to serve the Norwegian market through the creation of
Pilotfish Networks Norway AS. Shortly Pilotfish will also have a presence in Germany and France said
Tomas Gabinus, CEO Pilotfish Networks AB.

For more information:
Tomas Gabinus, Managing Director Pilotfish Networks AB. Tlf: +46 (0)31 3396674.
E-post: tomas.gabinus@pilotfish.se

Pilotfish mission is to enhance the productivity and attractiveness of train, tram and bus operations
by using the following 1) structured digitalization based on an open Vehicle Communication Platform
accompanied by 2) user friendly applications and 3) support for continuous improvements. The
Pilotfish offering is based on standards and IT-architecture managed by the organisation ITxPT.

Jacob Rudin

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