The offering

Pilotfish supplies connectivity and cloud based services to public transport vehicles. Pilotfish core offering is based on the installation of a gateway that connects the vehicle network to Internet.

The people behind the company

Erik Nordenfelt and Tomas Gabinus joined forces with Jan Lindblad who is a very experienced  entrepreneur. Together they created a vision of developing sustainable and cost-efficient products within the domain of  ITS (Intellegent Transportation System). The team identified areas where the knowledge within ITS/Telematics could be joined with their personal interests within the environmental issues.

They were accompanied by some very clever and experienced people from the area of Gothenburg in Sweden who have been working both in the telecom and the vehicle industry. Jointly the team developed products within two different areas

  •  Public Transport solutions for bus fleet operators and administrators
  •  Car Sharing solutions for car sharing operators

With the heart in standards

The ITS industry is interesting, but the challenges are great when different conditions and requirements are considered together in an industry characterized by long complex value chains and technology both into the vehicles and cloud services. It makes it extremely difficult for the involved actors to end up with solutions with the following characteristics:

  •  upgradeable
  •  low maintenance
  •  high accessibility

The Pilotfish team is driven by the idea of selling good economics and profitability, rather than just delivering systems. The clients safety is in our long experience and thorough knowledge of the systems and clients in the industry. We would describe ourselves as enthusiastic entrepreneurs with its heart in standardization.