Pilotfish® AP


Pilotfish® AP – A driver console based on Android

The public transport vehicle has become its own IT environment and are currently experience the same journey as many offices and industries did in the early 90’s. The number of ITS-systems (Intelligent Transport Systems) in public transport vehicles has increased sharply in recent years and many of these ITS-systems have a driver interface. The result is an increased number of driver consoles that is hard to justify, not at least from an economic and safety perspective.

Implementation of a structured IT-environment onboard vehicles where data can be shared via a vehicle network allows for a common driver interface for multiple applications. This new approach solves existing problems and opens up for new possibilities.

Android has become increasingly popular in the consumer market. Among the reasons are the efficiency of application development and the open source approach. It is not appropriate to use generic Android as an operating system for a professional production environment in a public transport vehicle. Pilotfish AP combines the strengths of generic Android with the functionality that is needed within the public transport domain. With Pilotfish AP it is possible to:

  • Run multiple applications on one common driver console
  • Develop applications faster and easier
  • Take control over the application development and implement 3rd part applications
  • Use the large number of android developers on the market
  • Use existing information available at the vehicle network
  • Implement applications without investments in additional hardware
  • Control the logic of the driver console with bus-FMS as input
  • Decrease the interaction needed by the driver
  • Increase dependability by surveillance and inventory functionality
  • Use “single point” log in
  • Customize the driver interface to suit your companies needs and context
  • Add and improve applications over time

A driver monitor that can be used for multiple applications is a natural extension of a structured IT environment and a step towards the future of IT architecture for public transport vehicles.

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