Delivery responsible


Pilotfish is currently looking for a person who will be responsible for Deliveries:

Bildresultat för delivery of a project

Pilotfish offers an in-vehicle platform and accompanying applications for the public transport sector. Many times we take on the task of educating and supporting our clients in the start-up of the project. This means that we have  a close relationship with the client and we have a very important task in the early phases. We now want to focus even more on deliveries and we intend to employ a person who can work with this and also with the important internal work of continuous improvements and ISO. We want the person to understand and help us build and improve our internal processes. The requirements from a very high level perspective are the following.

  • Good social skills
  • Understand technology and configurations
  • Be and act well structured, being able to document
  • Make and improve internal processes
  • Strong administrative skills
  • Internal revisions of ISO
  • Customer focus
  • Responsible for customer expectations
  • Delivery of “normal projects” as well as pilot projects, including deadlines
  • Co-ordinate projects which are custom, sometimes these are a part of the entire delivery
  • Hold educations, mainly co-ordinate, but also hold educations yourself

We believe the person to be able to handle a strong internal team of Pilotfish people who all want the same things, a happy client, but who are also very busy. We believe it is a big advantage if the applicant can show that they have been working with similar things and that they have experience in building and maintaining routines and processes.

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