Pilotfish® Fuel EconomyTM

Vehicle gateway

Decrease fuel consumption and increase passenger comfort with Pilotfish® Fuel EconomyTM  –  a state of the art ecodriving system. We help your company on the journey to save costs and lower your business ecological footprint.

  • Reduce fuel consumption. Increase profitability and decrease ecological footprint.
  • Less damages. Follow up of driver performance reduce damages as well as wear and tear.
  • Increased passenger comfort. Improved customer experience of the bus ride.
  • Additional features. Pilotfish Fuel Economy is an addition to Pilotfish Vehicle OnLine which brings extensive possibilities and benefits.
How the system works
  1. Pilotfish VG200 vehicle gateway and a driver console is installed in the vehicle.
  2. The driver logs on to the system by using the most convenient method, e.g. by integration with the tachograph or by using a code.
  3. The real-time user interface and the reports are available as a cloud service and accessible from computers and other devices.

Pilotfish®  Fuel EconomyTM Reports

The possibilities to create customized reports that contains information that is of importance for your organization are exstensive. Some examples are:

  • Savings per driver
  • Fuel consumption and driving distance per driver
  • Analysis of way of driving from a passenger comfort perspective
  • Incentive reports
  • etc. etc.

Pilotfish has a unique competence when it comes to extracting, combining and refining raw data into information that is valuable to Public Transport Operators and Authorities.

Large amounts of data is available from the vehicle CAN network, information that in the past only has been available to the vehicle manufacturers. Pilotfish creates reports that are adapted to the needs of Public Transport Operators and Authorities.

Pilotfish® Fuel EconomyTM References

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