ITxPT charter

The following charter has been signed by the members and acts as a basis for 2014 years work within the organization.


The mission of the ITxPT Association is to support the deployment of standards and practices for onboard plug-and-play of IT-systems for public transport and the relevant back-office features.


The ITxPT Association Members will cooperate with the purpose of:

  • Support the ITS purchasers, e.g. Public Transport Operators and Public Transport Authorities with the necessary specifications in order to achieve certified Plug and Play functionality when they purchase IT-systems for Public Transport use
  • Share experience and best practices of the plug-and-play standard for public transport
  • Support the evolution of the working standard towards its adoption within international common mechanisms, standard rules and protocols
  • Maintain in operating conditions the testbench and implementing new evolutions / implementations
  • Specify, test, qualify and showcase IT solutions on the testbench
  • Cooperate in dedicated Working Groups and contribute to the Association’s Members knowledge and expertise
  • Coordinate the Association’s Members submissions to the standardization process
  • Provide a common strategy and implement policy actions on ITxPT issues

A workplan for 2014 will be proposed for approval by the Interim Board by the end 2013. It will be revised by the relevant governance body once the Association is set up.


  • Membership of ITxPT is open to any legal entity like company, university or organization (public and private) which pays a membership fee, has relevant activities in the field of Information Technology for Public Transport, shares and supports the objectives of ITxPT and will actively contribute to the activities of ITxPT.
  • There are three levels of membership: Strategic Members, Principal Members and Observer Members.
  • Until the official legal set-up of the ITxPT Association, the ITxPT Interim Board will consist of the 9 ITxPT Founding Members (ACTIA, HOGIA, INEO SYSTRANS, INIT, IVECO, DIGIMOBEE, PILOTFISH, UITP, VOLVO).
  • Founding Members shall be Strategic Members.
  • During this period, UITP will appoint the Chairman of the Interim Board.
  • After the legal set-up of the ITxPT Association, the ITxPT Interim Board will be replaced by the governance structure that will be included in the Association’s Statutes.
  • All membership applications will be submitted to the Interim Board for approval.



  • The ITxPT Association is not-for-profit and the Association’s Members cannot obtain a direct profit from the fees.
  • The Membership Fees are intended to cover the operational cost of the ITxPT Association as will be described in the workplan (section II).
  • A signature of this Charter means that the organization becomes a member of the ITxPT Association and will receive the membership invoice.
  • The amount of such invoice is equal to the 2014 annual fee, and it also covers the period until December 2013.
  • All Founding Members benefit from a discount of 25% on the 2014 fee (including OEMs) as a recognition of their main investment in the first phase of the Association set up
  •  Each Founding Member commits to keep their equipment up and running during the whole year 2014
  •  The whole discount policy will be reviewed during 2014 by the Governance body of the forming association




  • A coordinating ITxPT Secretariat for the ITxPT Association will be established to provide a single contact point for communication and dissemination.
  • Until the ITxPT Association is set-up, the Secretariat will be covered by UITP as chairman of the Interim Board
  • The ITxPT Secretariat will perform the daily administration and management of the Association. It supports all other bodies in their work and serves as a contact point for all third parties.