Pilotfish receives the first ITxPT label for on-board devices in Public Transport vehicles

Pilotfish receives the first ITxPT label for on-board devices in Public Transport vehicles
MON, MAY 29, 2017 09:00 CET

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ITxPT is an association open to Public Transport stakeholders developing applied standards for interoperable “plug-and-play” onboard and back-office IT-systems for public transport. The first device to be tested for compliance and to acquire the ITxPT label is a Vehicle Gateway from the Swedish company Pilotfish.

Tomas Gabinus, CEO of Pilotfish says “I am extremely proud that the Pilotfish Gateway is the first device to be labeled and approved by ITxPT and that the long and difficult work the association has put into developing the open ITxPT platform has been successful.”

ITxPT applies EU standards to develop specifications for an open IT architecture for Public Transport.  For compliance testing ITxPT has its own test bench and testing procedures to validate that onboard devices meet specified requirements for interoperability in public transport fleets. Right now, there is intense work going on to label both on-board devices and vehicles from different suppliers.

“This is a milestone for the ITxPT association as we now move into implementation. We will in a very near future see that public transport applications and systems will be purchased according to the ITxPT specifications. It will offer great opportunities for public transport providers, system and vehicle suppliers to the benefit of travellers” says the General Secretary of ITxPT, Anders Selling.

The open architecture of ITxPT enables the interoperability between systems and devices from different suppliers and the flexibility for customers to tailor and update systems for specific needs at substantial lower cost. In this way, the supplier market is opened for smaller suppliers which increases competition and speeds up the rate of innovation. Simplified, ITxPT can be compared to the Bluetooth specifications enabling interoperability between devices or the open architecture of Android.

ITxPT, Information Technology for Public Transport is a non-profit organization with 40 members from 12 European countries consisting of Public Transport Operators and Authorities, System Suppliers and Vehicle manufacturers. The number of members is increasing quickly.

A Vehicle Gateway delivers part of the functionalities traditionally implemented in a vehicle computer to enable systems and devices to operate through modern cloud computing. Through 3G/4G networks computing power is moved from the vehicle to the cloud where more computing can be done quicker, more efficiently and more accurately. Typical applications connected through the gateway are remote diagnostics, remote download of tachograph data, eco driving, navigation, rerouting, follow-up of statistics, remote surveillance and software management, etc. The vehicle gateway typically has the following functionalities: CAN/FMS connections, switch with Ethernet connectors, I/O’s to onboard equipment, 2G-4G, Wi-Fi and Information broker/Sharing functionalities.

For more information please contact:

Tomas Gabinus, Executive Director, Pilotfish Networks AB: +46 31 3396674,

Anders Selling, General Secretary, ITxPT. Tel: +46 70 237 33 00,

Pilotfish Networks AS is now established in Norway

Pilotfish Networks AS is now established in Norway

PRESS RELEASE Gothenburg February 22, 2017


Pilotfish sees a growing demand for modern fleet management systems for public transport in
Norway. The competition within public transport is characterized by deregulation and new
participants in “healthy” competition with electric vehicles and car sharing. At the same time
travellers want higher quality and more information about their travel options. This leads to a
development where operators are forced to innovate in order to remain competitive.

Pilotfish sees that the Norwegian market is one of the first with this development. The market is
mature in the understanding of standardisation and the implications this has on the quality of fleet
management systems in public transport. This area describes Pilotfish’s niche. Pilotfish ‘Bus Fleet
Management Platform’ provides Public Transport Operators (PTO) and Public Transport Authorities
(PTA) open and competitively neutral solutions. This means that customers can freely choose the
Fleet Management provider that will best meet their requirements.

The end customer expects that public transport is on time, that the driver is driving efficiently and
safely, that the traffic information is accurate and readily available and the price is reasonable
compared with road transport.
Pilotfish offers an open IT and fleet management platform for all suppliers of IT equipment whereby
bus can connect to their equipment and communicate with the client, their own or third-party
systems or outside the bus. This means less equipment in the bus, easier operation and maintenance
and lower costs for all.

In the past, customers have largely been locked in the choice of suppliers and solutions and the
systems have been correspondingly static and rigid “Silo Solutions”. Modern communication
technology, 4G networks, is now available throughout all of Norway and the customers have
requested fleet management and information systems to improve the customer experience of a
public transport that is growing vigorously.

The end customer expects that public transport is running, that the driver is running efficiently and
safely, that traffic information is accurate and readily available and the price is reasonable compared
with car transport. Pilotfish offers a platform with associated services that helps operators and
authorities to continually improve their processes, and raise the service level vis-á-vis the customer.

Tomas Gabinus, CEO Pilotfish Networks states that. “Pilotfish’s core values are:”


Tomas Gabinus says that Pilotfish would like to help customers within public transport to be better,
step by step through continuous development.

Throughout 2016 Pilotfish has prepared its organization and their activities to meet the demand for
international services. The first step is to serve the Norwegian market through the creation of
Pilotfish Networks Norway AS. Shortly Pilotfish will also have a presence in Germany and France said
Tomas Gabinus, CEO Pilotfish Networks AB.

For more information:
Tomas Gabinus, Managing Director Pilotfish Networks AB. Tlf: +46 (0)31 3396674.

Pilotfish mission is to enhance the productivity and attractiveness of train, tram and bus operations
by using the following 1) structured digitalization based on an open Vehicle Communication Platform
accompanied by 2) user friendly applications and 3) support for continuous improvements. The
Pilotfish offering is based on standards and IT-architecture managed by the organisation ITxPT.

Public transport supplier Pilotfish Networks AB is acquiring Appello Technologies AB

Public transport supplier Pilotfish Networks AB is acquiring Appello Technologies AB



Pilotfish is placing an increasing focus on satisfying its customers need for new, innovative applications for increasing the efficiency of public sector bus and train operators. Gothenburg-based Pilotfish is now acquiring a 100% stake in Gothenburg-based Appello, which in partnership with Pilotfish has specialised in innovative applications and user-friendly interfaces for bus operators’ activities.

Pilotfish supplies a combination of a standardised communication platform and a range of services which in various ways improve productivity within the public transport system. At present, public transport in Scandinavia and in Europe in general is undergoing a rapid transition, with major challenges in the form of increased competition, new technology, electric vehicles and new information technologies. Cloud-based applications and services, standardised platforms and efficient autonomous vehicles are important tools for meeting the rapid changes which are currently taking place within the public transport sector.

Executive Director of Pilotfish, Tomas Gabinus, says that “Appello has a fantastic team, which with its expertise within the fields of application development, maps and navigation services – used by millions of end-users – is a perfect complement to Pilotfish’s current team”. Tomas adds that “we furthermore intend to continue to develop Appello’s navigation service Wisepilot, which is supplied internationally to a range of telecommunications operators”.

Lars Szakaly, Executive Director of Appello, remarks that “we at Appello look forward to working together with Pilotfish on continuing our collective journey as suppliers of modern applications for public transport”.

For more information please contact:
Tomas Gabinus, Executive Director, Pilotfish Networks AB. Tel.: +46 (0)31 3396674.

Pilotfish’s ambition is to achieve a higher level of competitiveness for bus and train operators within the public transport sector. Pilotfish’s approach is centred on structured digitalisation based around an open communication platform which can be supplemented with various user-friendly applications for utilization via the implementation of strategies aimed at continuous improvements. Pilotfish’s tender is based upon standards and architectures which are administered by the European Committee for Standardization’s ITxPT (Information Technology for Public Transport).

Pilotfish starts new blog named BusForce

Pilotfish have decided to start a blog in order to spread information to operators and public transport authorities that they can greatly benefit from. The blog is called BusForce and every Thursday we will publish a new article concerning, for example, workshop, traffic control or the management. It can be about advices on the purchase of new buses, how to streamline the depot work, how to get a more cohesive and functional driver force, but also news in the IT and telematics for public transport.
As a reader, you will be able to take advantage of useful documents and also have access to download them. We at Pilotfish will be more than pleased by your reactions and we hope that you as a reader leave comments and ask us questions. Please also contact us if there are topics you think we should bring up and touch more.

Happy reading!

Best regards
the Pilotfish crew

Transport for London has appointed Pilotfish Networks AB as Gateway provider in the EBSF2 project

Transport for London has appointed Pilotfish Networks AB as Gateway provider in the EBSF2 project

Pressmeddelanden • Pilotfish Networks AB • 2015-10-29 18:07 CET

Pilotfish is attending the first workshop for ITxPT members. 20 people from a wide range of companies today convene in Paris where the main discussion is the adoption of the new standards that ITxPT support and maintains. The organisation is gaining momentum with new members joining and the discussions on implementation are very concrete. “Transport for London leads – in the frame of the EBSF_2 project – one of the demonstrations dealing with IT Standards introduction in existing bus fleets; Pilotfish is appointed as Gateway provider for the demo test. The EBSF_2 Project, coordinated by UITP, aims to test and evaluate advanced solutions for improved efficiency and attractiveness of bus systems.

Läs mer om EBSF_2 här

För mer information om Pilotfish Networks AB’s tjänsteleveranser för kollektivtrafiken, kontakta gärna Tomas Gabinus på mobil: +46 (0)733-224011 eller mail:, eller post Viktoriagatan 3, 411 25 Göteborg, Sverige.

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