Driver Console – Pilotfish® FK200

The Pilotfish® FK200 is easy to read from, have clear colors, and touchscreen functionality combined with four tactile buttons. The FK200 is an easy to use driver console that provides clear feedback to the driver.

Pilotfish FK200

The FK200 is connected to the vehicle gateway VG200. It is used both to communicate information to the driver as well as a terminal where the driver can log on and fill in forms etc. The driver can choose to either use the touchscreen or the tactile buttons to control the console and the light intensity can easily be adjusted. The console can be turned and adjusted with a handle.

When the console is used for the Pilotfish® Fuel Economy application some of the available displays settings are:

  • Standard, presents the excess consumption
  • Report, displays a summary of information i.e. regarding braking, idling, and speed
  • Menu, choice of language and route etc.
  • Log in, personal log in and (optional) log in services

Pilotfish® FK200 is delivered with cables as well as a bracket.

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