Identity node – Pilotfish® Xid

Pilotfish have developed a system that makes it possible for vehicle IT equipment to receive communication addresses. The system is named Pilotfish® Xdb and Pilotfish® Xid is its supporting hardware. Advantages with Pilotfish® Xdb and Xid are:

  • 100% identification of the vehicle which the equipment is installed in. This means that the maintenance of the on-board IT systems is drastically simplified and  thus the costs reduced
  • Onboard equipment is automatically identified
  • Input to an updated inventory database
  • Addressing to and from the vehicle is always correct

The vehicle gateway receives the vehicle identity either from the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) orPilotfish® Xid. Information is broadcasted on the vehicle network and gathered in a central database containing communication addresses. Equipment that is connected to the gateway is as well automatically identified. Pilotfish® Xid and Xdb is a very important part in a well-functioning managed vehicle gateway system.


Pilotfish - Xid


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