Pilotfish® Vehicle OnLineTM

Vehicle online

Pilotfish® VOLTM connects IT-systems in vehicles.

Pilotfish® VOLTM is based on the Pilotfish® VG200 gateway that connects the vehicle, onboard IT-systems and back-office. A VAN (Virtual Area Network) is provided to back-office. The Managed Vehicle Gateway concept is introduced by public transport operators in a joint initiative of the European Commission called European Bus System of the Future (EBSF). Pilotfish is an active part when it comes to standardization of this necessary infrastructure for cloud computing services in vehicle environment. It is the managed vehicle gateway that enables the implementation of a modern IT architecture in vehicles. The customer no longer has to buy all services from one supplier. This makes Pilotfish the best friend of Public Transoirt Operators, Public Transport Authorities and IT-administrators.

Pilotfish EBSF

Main benifits –  Pilotfish® Vehicle OnLineTM
  • Shared usage of IT resources – e.g. communication, GPS, vehicle ID and driver login is reused by systems connected to the vehicle gateway.
  • Control that all connected systems is running – a system monitoring module is included in VOL. It is therefore possible to monitor all systems in one interface.  Depending on agreed service level we either report system disturbances or correct the problem.
  • Supplier independence – the customer no longer have to buy all services from one supplier. Situations where the suppliers take advantage of their advantageous position are avoided.

Standardized vehicle gateway

Pilotfish has the last five years been involved in the CEN (European Committee for Standardization) standardization of vehicle gateways together with large public transportation operators and vehicle manufacturers throughout Europe. The system builds on:

  • Cloud services
  • Shared information in the vehicle
  • Shared communication to and from the vehicle
  • A vehicle gateway with standardized interfaces

More and more applications are added to the vehicles and the systems need to use the same services, e.g. communication. Shared information is another important factor where the system distribute information regarding position, identity etc.

Everything is possible due to an intelligent vehicle gateway. Standardization of the gateway makes the operator independent of onboard equipment suppliers. Many share the view that suppliers tend to create a monopoly position by designing proprietary solutions that hinder competition. A cornerstone behind Pilotfish systems is to use standards and avoid expensive and proprietary solutions.

Pilotfish have developed a database that makes it possible for vehicle equipment to receive communication addresses. The system is named Pilotfish® Xdb and Xid is its supporting hardware. Advantages with Pilotfish® Xdb and Xid are:

  • 100% identification of the vehicle which the equipment is installed in
  • Input to an updated inventory database
  • Addressing to and from the vehicle is always correct

The vehicle gateway receives the vehicle identity either from VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) or Xid. Information is broadcasted on the vehicle network and gathered in a central database containing communication addresses. Equipment that is connected to the gateway is as well automatically identified. Pilotfish® Xid and Xdb is a important part in a well-functioning managed vehicle gateway system.

EBSF Software Development Kit is developed for you to be able to experience the Pilotfish® managed vehicle gateway.

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