Supporting hardware

The hardware developed by Pilotfish supports the Pilotfish® Vehicle OnLine managed vehicle gateway and the Pilotfish® Bus Operator Toolbox.

FK200 VS608 Xid

Vehicle Gateway

Pilotfish® VG210

Driver Console

Pilotfish® FK200

Vehicle Switch

Pilotfish® VS608

Identity Node
Pilotfish® Xid
  • Low energy consumption
  • Real time OS compared to Windows
  • Only necessary applications to share information and communication channels
  • Independent of vehicle monitor
  • Dedicated applications for hardware and protocol
  • Easy to read from
  • Have clear colors
  • Touchscreen functionality combined with four tactile buttons
  • Provides clear feedback
  • Unmanaged Ethernet Switch
  • Rugged aluminum housing
  • Quiet installation
  • 100% identification of the vehicle
  • Onboard equipment is automatically identified
  • Input to an updated inventory database
  • Addressing to and from the vehicle is always correct
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