Uddevalla Omnibus


”The Pilotfish system has resulted in significant reduced consumption of diesel and RME. This has resulted in 370 ton reduced CO2 emissions and fuel savings of 1.5 MSEK in 2011. Other benefits are a reduced number of accidents and damage to persons. Measuring individual performance without invasion of the personal integrity is the key in the system provided by Pilotfish.” – Lars-Göran Salevik, CEO Uddevalla Omnibus and chairman of Buss i Väst.


Lars-Göran has supported and helped in the BOT development in close cooperation with Pilotfish since Emma Roos carried out her master thesis with tests including 5 drivers and 4 buses. Tests of the BOT system started with a dialogue with the drives and their feedback have been invaluable. Thank you; Britt-Inger, Kurt, John-Axel and Patrik for your feedback and support in the BOT development project.

Pilotfish signed a cooperation agreement with Uddevalla Omnibus in 2007 that in 2009 resulted in a system order for the operators all 87 vehicles. The purpose with the system was at that time only to support the driver to improve the way of driving which has resulted in large benefits for the company.

More modules have been added to the system including a support system for the traffic control and workshops. The system has in 2012 saved at least two engines by reporting early warnings indicating overheating.

Some of the main effects that have been noticed at Uddevalla Omnibus are:

  • Reduced emissions
  • Reduced fuel consumption
  • Reduced number of accidents
  • Reduced number of injuries
  • Improved passenger comfort
  • Valuable monitoring of vehicle status that prevents failures


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