Västtrafik starts an IT-revolution


2400 connected vehicles since 2005

Using the Vehicle gateway concept!

Västtrafik has a long history within ITS.They were the first to adopt ethernet as an on-board standard for their vehicles as far as we know.

The cradle of the vehicle gateway concept


  • In 2005 Västtrafik decided to implement a vehicle gateway together with a new ticketing system.
  • The gateway was at the beginning only used as a communication modem for the ticketing system but it didn’t take long before other systems was connected to the gateway for communication to and from the vehicles.
  • A real time system that communicates through the vehicle gateway was introduced in 2008. A communication protocol that was used by the real system supplier was introduced and the gateway was updated with a GPS position distribution to connected systems.
  • System monitoring and software administration was at the same time developed as a separate tool named GAT (the Gateway Administration Tool). The purpose of GAT was to make it easier to administrate gateway software, administrate software to other systems, and monitors the gateway and connected systems.
  • Automatic registration of on-board systems with the help of a vehicle ID, provided by Xid, together with a back-end vehicle database.
  • The system is today operating in all vehicles used by Västtrafik as well as retail outlets, in total more than 2400 installations.

Advantages using the Pilotfish Vehicle Gateway

  • Reduced purchase cost for communication systems
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Reduced communication costs
  • Enhances system monitoring performance