Vehicle Gateway – Pilotfish® VG210 8r

The Pilotfish Vehicle Gateway is mainly used for Public Transport Fleet owners who intends to connect on-board electronics equipment  (WWAN to LAN) from multiple suppliers.



A vehicle gateway – not a vehicle computer!!!

The vehicle gateway functionality was previously and is still for some of the actors on the market a part of the vehicle computer. Pilotfish has simply taken out the communication part out of the vehicle computer and put it in a separate unit. The advantages are huge:

  • Cost of purchasing, running and maintaining on-board solutions are heavily reduced
  • Flexibility and scaleability in the vehicle installation. The fleet manager chooses what equipment goes into different parts of the fleet depending on contract.
  • Supplier independence – as a purchaser you can purchase each application / function from the companies that are the best on these functionalities (e.g. CCTV, ticketing, real-time, etc)
  • Quality of service – since our core business is communication we focus on the QoS and the uptime of the communications channels.
  • Low energy consumption – is always on
  • Real time OS compared to windows
  • Share information and communication channels (GPS, CAN, login, identities, drivers etc.) between all installed IT systems.

Download Product Sheet with technical specifications
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