We bring Internet of things into public transport

One standardized solution connects all your vehicle systems to each other and to the cloud, with eco-driving, lower IT investment costs, maintenance savings and no vendor lock-in as a result.

Introducing Bus Insight

The onboard IT systems have an increasing influence on the availability of functional vehicles. To monitor and predict failures for all aspects that might cause standstill, Pilotfish introduces Bus Insight – the only diagnosis system you need to forecast failures for both hardware and software, before they actually happen.



Bus Insight helps to reduce the number of spare buses, the significant cost factor that otherwise solves your level of vehicle availability. With Bus Insight you will benefit from an immediate payback – not only cutting costs, but also improved reliability and consequently increased passenger satisfaction.
For more details and price estimations please contact us.

What we offer

A wide range of tools, with Android apps, connectivity, integration consulting and fuel economy amongst them, all connected around our Gateway solution.

The Gateway

This is the center of our standardized solution, which connects all your vehicle systems to each other, to the cloud and to your back office.


Check out our Android based driver console, our vehicle switch or our Identity node.


Extensive reports on fuel economy, vehicle maintenance and availability.


Take advantage of our variety of Android apps, and add your own third-party apps.

Integration Consulting

We know how to bring all your systems together and take full advantage of a standardized solution. Let us help.

Partners Offerings

Check out well matching systems offered by our partners.

Choose the perfect package

Our three packages address different needs but they all give access to vendor independence within the Information Technology for Public Transport (ITxPT) standard. Each package also offers a range of customization options.

Price Model

The price model and our delivery are quite straight forward. There is a set startup fee for each vehicle and a monthly fee per vehicle, dependent on which services you chose.
For more details and price estimations please contact us.

Some of our fantastic clients

Who, better than our clients, can explain what Pilotfish can and will bring to your operation, if you let us?
"I am glad to do business with Pilotfish. Finding a partner who brings expertise, experience and innovation is important for us"
Karl Orton
Business Area Director at Keolis