Pilotfish Networks wins Goteborg’s Company price 2017

Pilotfish Networks has been awarded the Goteborg Company price 2017, which is awarded to successful companies operating and developing in the Gothenburg region. The prize is awarded by the business group at Göteborg & Co and consists of SEK 25,000 and a silver statue. “This award is a receipt that our successful international work is also appreciated at home in Gothenburg. For all Pilotfish employees, it is also acknowledging our efforts to develop standardized interface and IT systems to improve public transport in Europe, “said Tomas Gabinus, CEO of Pilotfish.

Goteborg’s Company price 2017 is given to Pilotfish Networks with the motivation:

“Pilotfish Networks, founded in 2000, is initially a spin-off from Ericsson. The company has taken the “Internet of Things” to public transport and made it both smarter and better for the environment by developing systems that optimize and manage complex wireless computer communications to and from mobile devices. By daring to go their own way and believe in their product, Pilotfish Networks has created a unique position in its industry. Together with a strong employee perspective, Pilotfish Networks makes worthy winners of the Goteborg Company price 2017. ”

According to Lennart Johansson, Head of Enterprise Group in Gothenburg Co, Pilotfish Networks has shown great entrepreneurship and innovative thinking. The company has also changed its industry through innovative work and is now at the absolute leading edge of development.

– Pilotfish is today the only supplier of systems that are certified according to ITxPT, which gives users the opportunity to customize and update their systems and devices according to specific needs and at a significantly lower cost than before. At the same time, an open and standardized interface means that the market for smaller suppliers of different applications opens up. This in turn increases competition and drives the development and efficiency of European public transport, which is very positive, says Tomas Gabinus.

Goteborg’s Company price was established in 1994 and has since been distributed to around 60 companies. This year’s award was awarded to Pilotfish Networks and the Ecoride Electric Cycle Company.

For more information contact:

Tomas Gabinus, CEO of Pilotfish Networks AB. Tel: +46 31 339 66 74, E-mail: tomas.gabinus@pilotfish.se

Pilotfish Network’s mission is to increase the productivity and attractiveness of rail, tram and bus transportation through structured digitization. The offer is based on an open, standardized vehicle communication platform with user-friendly applications and support for continuous process improvements. Pilotfish technology is based on standards and IT architecture from the European standardization organization ITxPT.