Delivering IT solutions to Deutsche Bahn subsidiary DB Regio

Pilotfish has signed a deal with Deutsche Bahn subsidiary DB Regio, to install central information units,” Vehicle Communication Gateways”, with the supplementing driver consoles in 4800 busses over the upcoming five years. – Naturally, we are very pleased to enter a cooperation with such an important actor within the German public transport market. This means that we can establish a solid foundation in Germany, an important step in our strategy for global growth. We aim to be a part of developing and streamlining public transport to decrease environmental impact around the world, Tomas Gabinus states.

Apart from the central information units, the delivery agreement with DB Regio also includes Android based driver consoles which in real-time can support the driver with relevant information about, for example, passengers, ticket handling, vehicle position, service need and fuel consumption, depending on which applications the public transport operator chooses to connect to the open information solution.

– We deliver a solution that includes real-time monitoring of the vehicle, along with our application for eco driving, which helps the driver to a smoother and more effective driving style and in the same time helps reduce fuel consumption. Also included in the delivery is a cloud solution for online downloading of tachograph information, instead of having to enter each vehicle and manually download the information, which is how it oftentimes is done today. This saves both time and money, Tomas Gabinus, says.

Today, 1500 units are already installed and certified according to the European standard for public transport, ”Information Technology for Public Transport” ITxPT. The certification is a standard for open and compatible IT-architecture, which enhances the possibilities for transport operators and system- and vehicle manufacturers to supply value for public transport passengers.

– For several years, Pilotfish has worked to increase openness and compatibility within IT solutions for public transport. Openness with information means that we, together with other developers, can increase knowledge about new systems and solutions among public transport operators and authorities. ITxPT at the same time, means that market opportunities open up for smaller IT solution- and application suppliers, which in return enhances competition and drives development and streamlining within European public transport forward, which we see as something very positive.

The delivered IT-system is also integrated and adapted to the two existing communication protocols IBIS and FMS, which among other things handle line information and vehicle status.

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Tomas Gabinus, CEO Pilotfish Networks AB. Phone: +46 31 339 66 74, E-mail:

Pilotfish Networks mission is to increase productivity and attractiveness for train-, tram- and bus transport through structured digitalization. The offer is based on an open, standardized vehicle communication platform with user friendly applications and support for continual process improvements. The Pilotfish technology is founded on standards and IT architecture from the European standardization organization ITxPT.