Pilotfish delivers Vehicle IT for Dutch trains

The Swiss railway rolling stock manufacturer Stadler is delivering 69 trains to a public transport operator in the Netherlands. The Gothenburg-based company Pilotfish delivers one Vehicle Gateway communication unit for each train, through German IT specialist IVU Traffic Technologies AG, together with a number of core services like a cloud-based back-office system. – “We are happy for the opportunity to work with IVU and Stadler,” says Pilotfish CEO Tomas Gabinus.

He continues, “Our solutions for busses and trams have great potential for trains, and the European ITxPT standard makes it possible for new and smaller actors to enter a relatively closed market. This increases competition and speeds up innovation and development. For several years, Pilotfish has worked to increase openness and compatibility within IT solutions for public transport.”

The Vehicle Gateway, delivered by Pilotfish, connects onboard systems to each other and to the internet. It integrates all onboard systems that are compatible with the European standard ITxPT (Information Technology for Public Transport) and creates an open IT environment onboard. The cloud-based back-office system and the user-friendly interface make information accessible from anywhere, through computers or mobile devices.

– “It is a pleasure to work with this ambitious group of high-profile companies. Pilotfish as well as Stadler have great ideas about the future of public transport and we are proud to manage the system integration on board the new trains. Building upon our extensive experience in supplying powerful solutions for public transport operators we have found a strong and reliable companion in Pilotfish to establish the ITxPT standard in the railway sector. We are happy to walk this path together,” says Matthias Rust, CTO of IVU Traffic Technologies.

Pilotfish is also very open with their own knowledge. Via their websites as well as the Busforce blog, they inform about new technical achievements within IT for public transport. – “Openness with information means that we, together with other developers, can increase knowledge among public transport operators and authorities. ITxPT enhances competition and drives development and streamlining within European public transport forward,” says Tomas Gabinus.

Stadler, the company delivering the trains, is a Swiss manufacturer of railway rolling stock, with a comprehensive portfolio of high-speed, intercity and regional multiple unit trains, locomotives and urban rail vehicles. Stadler Rail employs over 7,600 people. Pilotfish’ part of the tender goes through Berlin-based IVU Traffic Technologies AG, an IT solutions provider with more than 500 employees and over 40 years of experience in ensuring reliable transport in the world’s metropolises.

– “The cooperation with Stadler and IVU, with their great influence on the European public transport market, is very valuable to us. We are also happy to get a footstep into the Netherlands, which is a step in our strategy for global growth. We aim to do our share in improving public transport until it becomes everyone’s first choice in travel. It needs to be done globally to save the environment,” says Tomas Gabinus.

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