Pilotfish focuses on information security

Pilotfish is increasing its information security focus and has recently been certified according to ISO 27001. The certification ensures the company’s information security management system. “As one of Europe’s leading suppliers of IT systems for public transport, with applications on board over 10,000 buses, trains and trams, and with some of Europe’s largest bus operators as customers, it is natural that we focus on information security,” says Pilotfish CEO Tomas Gabinus.

Pilotfish works with standardization when it comes to IT architecture for public transport, which gives customers the opportunity to connect the best and most cost-effective solutions from different suppliers instead of being locked to a specific supplier.

“It makes life easier for the customer, but also opens for many smaller players to enter the market and compete. If the app developers adhere to the ITxPT European standard, the solutions work together with the Pilotfish platform. A bit like when developers create apps for the App Store in phones or tablets. As the supplier of the system which makes all this possible, we, our customers as well as the outside world put high demands on us. This makes ISO 27001 and compliance with the GDPR regulations an absolute necessity for us,” says Tomas Gabinus.

Pilotfish, which is already ISO 9001 and 14001 certified, can now add ISO 27001 to the slate of certifications. Bureau Veritas has certified Pilotfish according to ISO 27001, which requires the company to systematically evaluate information security and consider risks, threats, vulnerabilities and external influence. The requirements also include keeping the information security measures continuously updated. All of this is fulfilled after going through the certification process.

Recently, the multinational company Voith became majority owner of Pilotfish. As a natural consequence of this, both companies are now working intensively with processes to benefit from each other’s strengths, where Pilotfish gets a worldwide service organization to offer customers as part of the delivery of the Pilotfish system.

“It is also a great advantage that Pilotfish products can be incorporated into Voith’s product range, which will lead to increased sales for both parties. The standardization work Pilotfish went through for the ISO certifications, is valuable in this process. It facilitates the adaptation between the two companies. The more numerous and extensive collaborations we have across the world, the more important it is that we have full control and overview of our systems and processes. The ISO certifications contribute to this,” concludes Tomas Gabinus. 

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