Newsletter 2019.4

Happening at Pilotfish

Svealandstrafiken – a digital front runner

Svealandstrafiken, a public transport operator that serves Västmandland and Örebro county, is in the forefront of vehicle fleet digitalization. Busforce recently had a chat with them about digitalization. 

Pilotfish supplies 530 IT platforms to Jönköping and Halland

When Jönköpings Länstrafik and Hallandstrafiken joined forces to purchase a new IT system for data communication to vehicles, what they needed was a platform concept. The ability to choose from a variety of suppliers for both hardware systems and software solutions and link these to the same platform plays a crucial role in future-proofing a company’s IT environment. According to Pilotfish CEO Tomas Gabinus, using standardised platform solutions can reduce overall costs, at the same time as allowing the various suppliers to focus on what they do best.

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Voith and Pilotfish collaborate to push digitalization for public transportation

This is an interview with Tomas Gabinus, CEO Pilotfish, published in the Voith newsletter 5/10/2019.

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New employee – Ingrid Lumley

We want to take the opportunity to present Ingrid Lumley, who started working at Pilotfish April 23rd. Most recently she worked at a government agency and before that the municipality of Varberg. She has also previously worked for a law firm in Canada, which is quite useful at Pilotfish with our rapid international expansion. Ingrid appreciates Pilotfish’s open IT solutions, as well as the work we do with sustainability and environment, which was part of the reasons why she took the job. She works as an accountant, and already her assignment is expanding, which she finds positive. – I have a broad role here, with up to thirty different tasks instead of three, which could be the case in another context. 

In her spare time, she’s involved in a lot of activities, like gardening and growing vegetables. Right now, it’s time to plant potatoes. She also practices yoga, even though she doesn’t consider herself an expert. – I can’t fold like a jackknife, as some yoga practitioners. Some positions are quite straining, but that’s the point. That’s how you increase your flexibility. We would like to give Ingrid a heartfelt welcome and we look forward to a continued fruitful collaboration. 

Pilotfish supplies the Svealandstrafiken bus company

Pilotfish has signed an agreement for the supply and delivery of an IT system for 320 buses at Svealandstrafiken, a bus operator owned jointly by Region Västmanland and Region Örebro County. The Pilotfish solution is based on a communication platform where all onboard systems can be connected to the same network with online connection, cloud solutions and access for users via computers, phones and tablets.

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Spring review


Development from last few weeks

This section sums up the technical development from Pilotfish from the last few weeks. 

Proof-of-concept using Yocto Light Sensor

A proof-of-concept using an external light sensor to be used with an Android Professional tablet without its own built-in sensor. The light sensor can be used to automatically adjust the brightness of the screen. Good news, it works!

Extended internal MQTT topic structure

We added an MQTT topic for Assault Alarm to our internal topic structure. Topics published on the internal topic structure can be forwarded to subscribers.

Display events in the Driver app

Fuel Economy and Comfort events are now displayed in the integrated Driver app. These events have previously been presented in the Fuel Economy app, but it’s now possible to show them also as part of the integrated Driver app, alongside the time schedule and communication interface.

REST API for Agent import

We extended the already existing REST API for Agents (i.e. Gateways) with an endpoint for importing Gateways. This will be used to map Gateways to companies and sub-companies beforehand. When a Gateway first starts communicating from within a bus it’s already placed on the correct hierarchical level.

Integrated GUI for Tetra Radio

The controls for Tetra Radio is now an integrated part of the Driver app. The driver can answer calls, adjust the volume and send predefined messages over the radio to the Traffic Control.

Access control groups on Gateway web portal

The Gateway web portal now has support for different users and groups, all with different access to different parts of the portal. There could e.g. be one access group for installers and another one for administrators.

Facelift of web app for Fuel Economy

Our ongoing effort to get a more modern and reactive web app has now reached the Driver list page. Aside from good looks the new web also has updated functionalities in terms of sorting and filtering.

Highlighted Feature

We highlight a feature worth special recognition


Battery Monitoring

This feature makes it possible to monitor the battery voltage and present it both in the back-office interface and through a mobile app. It reduces the cost of monitoring the battery status, saves the batteries and saves the cost for standby vehicles to cover for unexpected battery failures. Contact Pilotfish for more information

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