Newsletter 2019.06-07

Happening at Pilotfish


A new role at Pilotfish: Senior Technologist

On August the 26th, Anders Qvist begins his position as Senior Technologist at Pilotfish. The Senior Technologist is the company’s main technical expert, focusing on understanding the technical implications of our business requirements and maintaining a matching technology strategy. The job also includes making sure that the company maintains a good architecture and a high quality to support our business requirements. He will also be responsible for a continuous improvement of our development process. 

In this, Anders will focus on the technical aspects of development (e.g. tooling, testing, source control, deployments) and work with development teams to make sure they have what they need to be effective. Scrum, leanness, requirements, issue tracking, etc will continue to be the responsibility of product owners, teams and team leaders. Although new at the job, Anders isn’t new to Pilotfish. He worked at Pilotfish from 2009 to 2013, before he moved to Miveo. Recent years he has been working at Burt. Now he is back with us at Pilotfish again, which we are happy for. We expect great things. Welcome Anders!

IDHA integration

Before the summer, Pilotfish released an integration with web-IDHA, for maximum streamlining of tachograph and driver card data handling. With the integration, the data from theTachograph Download is imported directly from the Pilotfish Vehicle Gateway into the web-IDHA interface, which is a very common analyzing tool among Swedish public transport operators. Read more

Traffic start Örebro

Svealandstrafiken is taking over as traffic operator for the city busses in Örebro county. Now the first buses in Örebro are put out in traffic with Pilotfish Vehicle Communication Platform, Pilotfish Fuel Economy and a handful other Pilotfish solutions implemented. Read more. (Swedish)

Spring review


Development from last few weeks

This section sums up the technical development from Pilotfish from the last few weeks. 

Bug fixes and general improvements

Fixed bug with the search filter on the web portal. Fixed problem with cached web pages. Fixed problem with high load on Fuel Economy grade calculations. Fixed problem when FE driver page got stuck in week selection. IO dependency resolved during Economenter startup.

Improved map tile performance

To be able to tweak the appearance of web maps and provide more future safe solution we host our own map service. This service has undergone some maintenance. Map tiles are now retrieved faster and more reliable than before.

Pilotfish Academy updates

The Pilotfish Academy site is being updated to show relevant content, and the user’s version and language will soon be reflected when visiting the site through the Pilotfish site. 

System wide version number

A version number to describe the full system, including all subsystems, has been introduced and is shown on the web portal. This will help support when dealing with bug reports, and to keep track of what services are deployed for different customers at every specific time.

Predefined messages for easier messaging from bus

This enables the backoffice to distribute predefined messages to the Driver Console in the bus. The bus driver can then easily send the predefined messages by the click of a button.

Reset alarms from the Control Panel

For one customer we added the Control Panel to their web portal and did a setup so that they can find and reset alarms on vehicles manually.

Preparations for showing grades in Driver Console

The momentary grade calculations that previously only have been used on the Pilotfish Econometer is being prepared for use in the Driver Console. The momentary grade calculations is the grade calculated from the latest login up until the current time.

Visualize user role in User administration tool

An update to our User administration tool. We now show what role a user has in the search results. We also added the possibility to filter search results based on user roles.

Add total gas and fuel consumption to REST interface

Total gas and fuel consumption has always been a part of what we collect from the vehicles, but we haven’t until now exposed these figures in our REST interface.

Highlighted Feature

We highlight a feature worth special recognition



The Pilotfish Checklist app helps drivers and maintenance personnel to complete the vehicle for traffic. With an easily navigated and preconfigured set of topics and questions to answer, the checklist will provide a thorough walkthrough of the vehicle before starting. The app also provides an easy way to report and receive feedback on faults. The comprehensive Android-based application saves time for drivers and maintenance, and instantly provides traffic control and the workshop with relevant information about the situation, presented in a structured way, which makes decision making and prioritizing much easier. Read more

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