IDHA integration release

Pilotfish just released an integration with web-IDHA, for maximum streamlining of tachograph and driver card data handling. With the integration, the data from theTachograph Download is imported directly from the Pilotfish Vehicle Gateway into the web-IDHA interface, which is a very common analyzing tool among Swedish public transport operators.

– Udevalla Omnibus and Flygbussarna have asked for the IDHA integration, which we are pleased that we now are able to offer. We are of course open to help our customers with the integration of other analyzing tools as well, says Pilotfish CEO Tomas Gabinus.

The traditional way to collect the tachograph information is to physically go into the bus  and connect a hardware memory, for example a memory stick, and then to transfer the info from the stick into a computer used for the analysis. The process is very time consuming, especially in large fleets.

Automatic download for both tachograph and driver card data, saves manual work and improves the data handling process. The automatic cloud-based transfer of data from the vehicle directly into the Web-IDHA analysis interface streamlines the process even further. It also increases the frequency of data collection to a level when it becomes relevant to the business, because it enables a much more active use of the information in daily operations. The same goes for the information available on the driver cards. Instead of having to access the card info with a special hardware/reader, the info is collected directly through the tachograph. When the card is inserted into the tachograph, the download is initiated, provided that the time since last download exceeds a preset time limit.

Currently, Pilotfish offers integration towards Optac3 and IDHA.

For more details about the process, please check out the Busforce blog post Remote tachograph download or contact Pilotfish.

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