New role at Pilotfish: Senior Technologist

On August the 26th, Anders Qvist begins his position as Senior Technologist at Pilotfish. The Senior Technologist is the company’s main technical expert, focusing on understanding the technical implications of our business requirements and maintaining a matching technology strategy.

The job includes making sure that the company maintains a good architecture and a high quality to support our business requirements. He will also be responsible for a continuous improvement of our development process. In this, Anders will focus on the technical aspects of development (e.g. tooling, testing, source control, deployments) and work with development teams to make sure they have what they need to be effective.

Scrum, leanness, requirements, issue tracking, etc will continue to be the responsibility of product owners, teams and team leaders.

Although new at the job, Anders isn’t new to Pilotfish. He worked at Pilotfish from 2009 to 2013, before he moved to Miveo. Recent years he has been working at Burt. Now he is back with us at Pilotfish again, which we are happy for. We expect great things. Welcome Anders!

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