Newsletter 2019.09


Rio Award to Oscar Rosenstam

Every quarter, Pilotfish issues a reward to one of our coworkers, who in a good way has embodied the Pilotfish RIO values. The motivation for giving Oscar the award is followingOscar is reliable and always willing to help. With his professional mindset, he always tries to come up with ideas and solutions in both long term and short term perspectives. Oscar is open and communicative and has the ability to explain in a pedagogical way to customers and colleagues.

The Pilotfish RIO values:


  • Our systems are technically and operationally stable. Uptime is high and our customers can trust our employees and our organisation.
  • We are a part of an important value chain and our link is reliable and stable.


  • We aim to be Innovative not only today but also in the long run. 
  • We invest in innovation in order to best supply our customers. 


  • We are open in our communications with our partners and customers in order to offer the best technology and standards.
  • We base our offering on open technologies and standards.


New employee, David Fogelberg

From the 18:th of November, David Fogelberg is the newest of our new employees at Pilotfish. It is a bit of an accomplishment in itself, since we are growing so fast. However, David has been around as a consultant for six months, so he doesn’t actually feel new to us at Pilotfish. We already know him as a well liked and competent colleague. Therefore it’s an extra joy to congratulate him to his new employment. He came to Pilotfish directly after getting his Masters degree in soft engineering at Chalmers University of Technology. In his spare time, he likes sports. If you don’t find him in the gym or out in the running track, you will probably find him on the ocean, windsurfing. At Pilotfish he works with backend development, and does a good job at that. So therefore, once again; Welcome David!


Interview with Anders Selling, secretary General of ITxPT

Busforce recently had the opportunity to talk to Anders Selling, the Secretary General of ITxPT, a man with a true conviction for the big issues, like the environment, climate change, and how public transport can contribute to better the world. Read the article.


Tachograph download – Driver Card alarm

The possibility to connect an alarm to a driver, and not just to a vehicle, has been developed and will be implemented in upcoming releases. This makes it possible to issue – first a warning and then an alarm for when a driver card information hasn’t been downloaded within the set time. The time limits for warning and alarm are both configurable. Later it will be possible to connect other alarms to drivers, and also to turn a wider range of users, for example divers or coaches, into receivers of alarms. 


Driver Console with Android 7.1

The new Driver Console, X9, with Android 7.1 and a Rockchip 3288 ARM processor has recently been released.

Vehicle Administration tool

A vehicle administration tool for moving vehicles between companies has been developed. An umbrella organization often has the need to move vehicles between sub-companies. With the help of the administrative tool, which in time will be made generally available, it will be easier for customers themselves to administer the vehicle relocation within the system.


Bus Location presentation

For a customer operating in an area with roads so narrow that two buses can’t meet, we developed a function that shows a Hogia map on the Driver Console. The map shows the location of the other buses in the fleet, to enable the drivers to avoid meeting at the narrow stretches. This is a good example of the possibilities of an open network and standard protocols. 

Automated Bonus Calculation

The Fuel Economy system can provide significant savings in terms of fuel costs, but to get results, it is important to get the drivers on board. Without their active participation in the environment- and cost reduction efforts, it is hard to achieve a successful outcome of the Fuel Economy implementation. 

A bonus incentive for the drivers is a good way to increase their commitment, and bonus reports can be set up for automatic generation. Pilotfish can help you design a goal-based incentive program, to suit your preferences. 

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