Pilotfish receives order for major European bus project

A major European bus operator has chosen the Pilotfish solution to implement standardized ITxPT-based vehicle communication on more than 1000 buses. Thanks to the use of standardized protocols in the Pilotfish Vehicle Gateway, the operator has the ability to choose from a variety of suppliers for connected hardware and software. 

Pilotfish offers a Vehicle Communication Platform where all on-board systems can be connected to the same vehicle network. Following this open architecture strategy, the operator selects vendors of on-board IT systems who support the ITxPT standards. The gateway acts as a data hub and ensures backend connectivity.

In the first phase the platform integrates traffic prioritization systems and an emergency button. The customer makes use of the ITxPT inventory service to keep an overview about on-board equipment and it’s status. As an addition Pilotfish is integrating existing legacy systems to use relevant ITxPT services as well. Later the Pilotfish system connects an Android-based driver monitor with an ITCS application.

Furthermore, the solution collects data for vehicle status, fuel consumption and driving behaviour. Recorded and calculated event data is provided to the customer’s backend systems for further analysis. 

This Pilotfish implementation allows the customer to have all relevant vehicle data in one business intelligence system. That way they can create specific reports on fuel savings or vehicle status reports (including on-board IT) for preventive maintenance purposes.

“The open architecture gives operators more freedom and the possibility to break out from vendor-locked situations. The ones who benefit the most from Pilotfish’s ITxPT-based solutions are especially the large operators with heterogeneous IT systems and constant changes on-board” says Magnus Andersson, CEO of Pilotfish.

For more information, kindly contact: 

Magnus Andersson, CEO Pilotfish Networks AB
Phone no.: +46 70 777 8538
Email: magnus.andersson@pilotfish.se


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