Newsletter 2021.04


Greetings from CEO

Digitalization growth – Pilotfish, the road to success! 

The digitalization in the Public Transport sector continues to grow. More systems are added, requiring the right data in the right place and at the right time in order to be more efficient ant to increase traveler’s satisfaction. Covid-19 has affected this sector as many others, but strong climate targets require even larger investments in public transport.

During Covid-19 period, Pilotfish has had the opportunity to improve our solutions further and will come out with an even stronger offer. With over 20 years of experience, few know this area better than us. Pilotfish has also continued to achieve great savings for customers through its Fuel Economy solution. With Voith as the majority owner, with a global reach, financial capabilities and great expertise, Pilotfish will grow into a major player worldwide. We are currently looking at expanding in areas of interest where both Pilotfish and Voith can provide added value, such as predictive maintenance and electrical vehicles.

As one of the founders of the global leading ITxPT communication standard, we are pleased to see the global ITxPT growth and that more people are benefiting from digitizing their vehicles in a more cost-effective and faster way due to this common standard. 

Please note that we are recruiting! Take a look at our website for vacancies and recommend us to your friends and network.

Pilotfish, based in Gothenburg, the “silicon valley of IT for Public Transport”, has moved to a new larger office in Lilla Bommen. We hope that you can visit us in person soon, or until then, we’ll keep in touch on our online events.

Take care and keep safe!
Magnus Andersson


Driver focused Fuel Economy solution – great quick savings!

Listen to Oscar Rosenstam talk about how a Public Transport Operator made a direct fuel saving of 8% after only a few months usage of Pilotfish driver focused fuel economy solution. Providing a unique, instant and frequent feedback to the driver. The operator is now rapidly implementing the solution throughout Sweden on its entire fleet in order to achieve fast and significant savings. 

 To watch the video – click on the link here.



Fuel Savings and Lower Maintenance through Digitalization at Svealandstrafiken

The cooperation with Pilotfish has resulted in considerable fuel savings, time savings regarding driver seat temperature measurements and tachograph download and reliable statistics regarding driven kilometers, which results in better predictability and accuracy in maintenance planning. Svealandstrafiken can also avoid vendor lock-in thanks to Pilotfish and the standardized and open vehicle communication platform.

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Customers achieve savings with Pilotfish Fuel Economy solution

Pilotfish Fuel Economy combines eco-driving with comfortable driving.

The smart driving application supports you reaching your environmental and economic goals. By reducing fuel consumption and saving carbon emissions, you will make an important step towards the future of mobility.

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FMS Data to Support Service and Maintenance

On Busforce you can read the first part of FMS Interface as door opener for a condition-based maintenance for bus fleets. 

Read the article.

Pilotfish receives order for major European bus project

A major European bus operator has chosen the Pilotfish solution to implement standardized ITxPT-based vehicle communication on more than 1000 buses. Thanks to the use of standardized protocols in the Pilotfish Vehicle Gateway, the operator has the ability to choose from a variety of suppliers for connected hardware and software. 

Pilotfish offers a Vehicle Communication Platform where all on-board systems can be connected to the same vehicle network. Following this open architecture strategy, the operator selects vendors of on-board IT systems who support the ITxPT standards. The gateway acts as a data hub and ensures backend connectivity.

In the first phase the platform integrates traffic prioritization systems and an emergency button. The customer makes use of the ITxPT inventory service to keep an overview about on-board equipment and it’s status. As an addition Pilotfish is integrating existing legacy systems to use relevant ITxPT services as well. Later the Pilotfish system connects an Android-based driver monitor with an ITCS application.

Furthermore, the solution collects data for vehicle status, fuel consumption and driving behaviour. Recorded and calculated event data is provided to the customer’s backend systems for further analysis. 

This Pilotfish implementation allows the customer to have all relevant vehicle data in one business intelligence system. That way they can create specific reports on fuel savings or vehicle status reports (including on-board IT) for preventive maintenance purposes.

“The open architecture gives operators more freedom and the possibility to break out from vendor-locked situations. The ones who benefit the most from Pilotfish’s ITxPT-based solutions are especially the large operators with heterogeneous IT systems and constant changes on-board” says Magnus Andersson, CEO of Pilotfish.


New employee – Daneel Munthe

We would like to introduce our newest coworker, Daneel Munthe, who started at Pilotfish end of February. 

Daneel isn’t foreign to us as his most recent workplace, Hogia Public Transport Systems, is a partner of ours. He’s also worked many years with business development within the logistic industry.

He finds this an exciting industry where a lot of things are happening and needs to happen to evolve. It is an important part of the transition to a sustainable society and Daneel is excited to be able to contribute to this. 

With Daneel’s former experience with the software at Hogia, he’s ready to broaden his knowledge with the whole concept of Pilotfish and our products. He’ll become an addition to our sales team reaching out to both new and existing customers with more and improved functionalitites that’ll contribute to an effective and more attractive public transport. 

Welcome onboard Daneel! 

Committed to Standards – committed to the Future
Pilotfish Vehicle Gateway VG210 receives ITxPT 2.1 certification


The Fuel Economy system can provide significant savings in terms of fuel costs, but to get results, it is important to get the drivers on board. Without their active participation in the environment- and cost reduction efforts, it is hard to achieve a successful outcome of the Fuel Economy implementation.

A bonus incentive for the drivers is a good way to increase their commitment, and bonus reports can be set up for automatic generation. Pilotfish can help you design a goal-based incentive program, to suit your preferences. Pilotfish is proud to announce that its Vehicle Gateway VG210  is now labeled ITxPT compliant according to specifications S01v2.1.0 & S02v2.1.0.  

Open standards have always played an essential role in Pilotfish’s strategy for delivering the Internet of Things to public transport. In May 2017 Pilotfish was the first company to receive ITxPT certification for an onboard device.  The ITxPT standard has ever since evolved from its initial version 1.0 to the latest 2.1 and has seen a steady acceptance in the market.

The Vehicle Gateway VG210 is at the heart of customer’s fleets. Inside the individual vehicle the VG210 is responsible for communication of onboard electronics equipment from multiple suppliers to their respective back offices as well as to Pilotfish’s own back office. With Pilotfish being one of the leading IT providers for public transport the great usage and integration has yet become even more standardised with the following services provided by the gateway: Module inventory service, Time service, GNSS Location service, FMStoIP configuration and provision services, VEHICLEtoIP service and MQTT broker service.

We are looking forward to seeing our gateways continue interoperating with a wide variety of standard compliant devices demonstrating their potential elevated by complying to the latest ITxPT standard and for our customers to reach their goals. 

Committed to Standards – committed to the Future. 

New Vehicle Gateway, Pilotfish ®  VG211 


Pilotfish is offering a new Vehicle Gateway, Pilotfish ®  VG211, which includes a new automotive grade Global Navigation Satellite System module. The GNSS module gives continuous accurate position under all signal conditions. 

Many bus operators face challenges with harder legal or contractual requirements on correct positioning, related to speeding, correct time table compliance or for maintenance purposes. With a combination of a very accurate GPS, dead reckoning and other calibration technologies, Pilotfish can provide full accurate positioning in any location, despite almost impossible signal receiving conditions like driving in long tunnels or in areas with high rise buildings. A challenge in many countries and high dense cities.

When satellite signals are poor or disturbed by reflections the module still provides an accurate position by using the vehicle speed and direction from a 3D gyro and senses the changes in motion by a 3D accelerometer. Both the sensors are integrated in the Pilotfish ®  VG211 Vehicle Gateway and speed information is imported from the vehicle via a direct connection.

The vehicle speed is based on data from the Fleet Management System standard, FMS, or from an odometer pulse signal. All available Global Navigation Satellite systems, GNSSs,  can be used when available, e.g. GPS/QZSS, GLONASS, BeiDou and Galileo. The gateway also supports the SBAS signal error correction system.

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