New employee – Anders Stjernberg

This is Anders Stjernberg, our newest employee at Pilotfish!

With more than 20 years of experience in public transport, Anders has much to contribute to Pilotfish. 

He has dedicated his career to vehicle-oriented industries and communication where his journey began with commissioning, education and support of various logistics companies including the ambulance operations in Sweden. He’s also worked with integration, testing and development of quality assurance tools for public transport. To broaden his experience even further he took on the role as a developer for a year participating and leading the development of a new product. 

For the last couple of years he has been Development manager focusing on developing products for traffic management within public transport and driver support for bus drivers. 

Anders finds public transport a very interesting and important industry, a necessary good for our growing population. He takes on this mission with excitement and is looking forward to stepping into the embedded world with vehicle systems and being involved in improving and developing the tools needed for the industry to run as efficiently as possible. 

He’s ready to take on the Swedish market as well as the international one together with our sales team and will be an important link to all our clients as our Senior Tech Sales Engineer. 

A warm welcome to Anders!

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