Introducing Bus Insight

With onboard IT systems having an increased influence on the availability of functional vehicles, Pilotfish now introduce Bus Insight – the comprehensive off-board diagnosis system, providing deeper insights into a bus’s condition, covering both the driveline and its main components as well as the IT systems.

Ensuring the right availability of buses are key to Public Transport operators since punctuality and reliability are the most important criteria to make it the preferred choice of travel for the public. 

Avoiding sudden breakdowns and cancelled trips comes with a price. The classical way to maintain availability is to use spare vehicles when failures occur.

However, unforeseen downtime is becoming easier to manage, thanks to predictive support systems. 

The current availability of data and ongoing digitalization makes it increasingly possible for fleet operators to minimize vehicle breakdowns and cancelled trips, by forecasting failures before they actually happen. 

Fleet operators now take advantage of data to decide when components should be serviced or replaced in order to prevent unnecessary down­time. Predictive maintenance also enhances operational efficiency and sustainability by ensuring intact components are not exchanged too early.

Downtime however can come from many areas – and the onboard IT systems have an increasing influ­ence on the availability of functional vehicles. Operators are seeking ways to monitor and predict failures for all aspects that might cause standstill. 

Pilotfish Bus Insight provides one single platform on which you can review and analyze all parameters affecting your fleet – and it opens the door to condition-based maintenance by using data more wisely across all operational aspects. Simply put, you no longer have to use various systems for the same level of overview and control.

Bus Insight matches the market need of modern Bus Operators aiming for best-in-class uptime of their fleet and on-board equipment.

Marcus Berglund, CEO Pilotfish Networks

Pilotfish Bus Insight provide several operational benefits:

  • It makes urgent corrective maintenance more efficient
  • It makes service (maintenance) planning more efficient
  • It makes preventive service more efficient
  • It improves communication to and from driver, which also increases commitment

“By announcing this product, I’m pleased to see a great co-development by Pilotfish and Voith” says Marcus Berglund, CEO Pilotfish. “Pilotfish brings experience from Public transport, Telematics and the ITxPT approach to service design, while Voith has competence in Maintenance solutions, Data analytics and Machine learning. The combined results is Bus Insight, which matches the market need of modern Bus Operators aiming for best-in-class uptime of their fleet and on-board equipment.”

Bus Insight comes with three different features providing a 360 picture to support Public Transport operations: 


With the Bus Insight Alerts feature, you’ll benefit from instant and pan-organizational awareness of vehicle failures, trough desktop monitoring as well as SMS and e-mail. Your daily bus operation will also work more efficiently trough the enablement of providing drivers with checklists and the possibility to manually report issues.

Inventory Service

To make sense of data, it’s important to manage it in a way that makes it logical to track and review. 

The Inventory feature within Bus Insight supports you to identify and name any on-board IT-equipment, and to monitor available status. We provide full support for inventory management of any ITxPT equipment. 

Inventory helps you label your ITS equipment and enables you to work more efficiently when equipment reports failure or is disconnected.

Dashboards & Reports

Bus Insight provides the possibility to build customizable dashboards and get vehicle condition overview, as well as an improved ability to analyze data over time.  

By tracking the most relevant KPI:s for optimized maintenance & service, you will improve your ability to predict maintenance needs.

With these three features, Bus Insight helps to reduce the number of spare buses, the significant cost factor that else solves your level of vehicle availability. With Bus Insight, operators will benefit from an immediate payback – not only cutting costs, but also improving reliability and consequently increased passenger satisfaction.

As one of Europe’s leading providers of IT for public transport, Pilotfish want to contribute to maximized user experiences and make public transport the preferred choice of travel. We are dedicated to making public transport the preferred choice of travel, by helping operators keep their promises.

Bus Insight – Your single platform for controlling the critical components affecting fleet availability and reliability. Learn more at

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