This is Pilotfish

We are one of Europe’s leading providers of IT for public transport. With our roots in the telecom and vehicle industry, we are open and innovative, at the edge of technological development.

The vision

We take part in saving the global environment by improving public transport. The goal is to reach the point where public transport becomes everyone’s first choice. Today we have over 10 000 installations in vehicles in multiple countries. We have offices in Sweden, Germany and France, and our customers range from some of the world’s leading bus manufacturers and largest fleet operators in Europe to smaller, local businesses. Our experience, width and flexibility ensure your satisfaction.

Partner offerings

Who we are

Pilotfish is a highly innovative green company from Gothenburg, Sweden, focused on cloud-based solutions for public transport. We are fast-growing, and we lead the change from proprietary, vendor locked systems towards standards that open up for a whole new ecosystem of hardware and software suppliers. Our vision is to improve public transport so much that it becomes the preferred choice of travel. Pilotfish offers an open Vehicle Communication Platform and Fleet Management Applications to Public Transport Customers. Pilotfish technology is based on standards and IT-architecture from the organisation ITxPT (Information Technology for Public Transport).

The challenge

Different onboard applications (video, ticketing, internet onboard, etc.) are nowadays often required from customers or in contracts, and it is a challenge to find cost-efficient, well specified, interoperable and maintenance free systems.

Both public transport operators- and authorities often suffer from low flexibility and vendor lock-in effects due to powerful monolith suppliers who shut out competition, making investment- and maintenance costs skyrocket. There is a need for reduction of investment- and maintenance costs to increase profitability.

The ever-accelerating pace of IT development calls for an environment that is constantly upgraded, has low cost for new investments and will incorporate solutions from many different suppliers of both hardware and software.

Happy bus driver

The solution

We help you take control over you onboard vehicle IT system. We offer the best platform for managing systems integrations both new and legacy, the best application ecosystem and the best portfolio of user friendly Cloud based Fleet management applications.

Our solution is special by not being special. It’s a standard. We create an internal network onboard the vehicle, connecting all systems through standard network cables, solve communication issues, share information between systems, enhance functionality and then connect the network to the cloud, providing secure access through easy to use environments on tablets, phones as well as computers.
Our open IT architecture enables compatibility between different systems and units from different vendors. This way the vendor market opens up for smaller vendors, increases competition and speeds up innovation and development. Standards from consumer electronics and the auto industry liberate you from vendor dependent solutions, and you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. You can take advantage of the cost benefits of mass production.
Simply put, the ITxPT standard can be compared to Bluetooth, which enables compatibility between different units. 

Our fantastic clients

Who better than our clients can explain what Pilotfish can and will bring to your operation, if you let us?