How it works

We provide a vendor independent open standard environment, where all your fleet systems will work together.

Open standard

We provide a vendor independent open standard solution, where all your fleet systems will work together. New and old systems, apps as well as vehicle manufacturer systems. We integrate them all. The image shows some examples of applications we do integrate. As a founding member of ITxPT (Information Technology for Public Transport) we are a driving force in the standardization process.

The Vehicle
On-Line system

The vendor-independent Vehicle On-Line system has a few vital units.
The Gateway connects all vehicle systems using regular network cables and enables sharing of IT services such as login, GPS and internet connection.

The Vehicle Communication Platform (VCP)
The VCP hardware- and software platform solves all communication issues between all vehicle systems regardless of vendor, and offers comprehensive and user-friendly apps and IT environments in the bus as well as through computers, tablets and telephones.

The Driver Console
The Driver Console touch screen Android tablet lets the driver monitor all bus systems as well as voice communicate through user friendly Android applications.

The cloud
Keep track on all vehicles and vehicle systems from anywhere with a secure login. The cloud also handles powerful calculations, data storage and backup, vehicle information like positioning, identification,  fuel economy, oil pressure, cooling water temp and several other parameters including all third-party system information.

Supporting features
Score CardsPilotfish AcademySupport and Integration Consulting are all powerful tools to get the most out of our Vehicle On-Line solution.

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Fall in love with our features

The Pilotfish solution is built on three important pillars. The fine-tuned hardware, the effective and intelligent software platform and the reports, that provide overview and clarity.


The Gateway solution, the Identity Node and the Driver Console are all vital hardware for the next generation vehicle management. As well as our powerful Vehicle Switch.


The Vehicle Communication Platform is the software platform that makes the vendor independent environment possible. A system as powerful as it is user friendly.

Score Cards

Our Intelligent Score Cards (KPI’s) will substantially improve your business, reduce costs and provide an unprecedented fleet overview.

“Pilotfish were to my knowledge the first company to start using standard Ethernet for connecting on-board IT-equipment."
Kari Finnskog
Head of IT at Västtrafik