Ever increasing benefits

In 2005 Västtrafik, one of Sweden’s largest public transport authorities, at first just needed a Pilotfish® Gateway for their ticketing service, but over the years the cooperation grew into a full IT environment solution with great benefits.
Pilotfish Client Västtrafik
Pilotfish Client Västtrafik

Background and challenge

More and more onboard systems need wireless connections, and traditionally they all used individual communication, causing a chaotic IT-system situation and a roof pierced by antennas.
For a fleet of the size of Västtrafik, it is critical to be able to monitor all systems in a convenient and effective way through one common interface. The alternative, to push monitoring, surveillance and software download onto the sub-suppliers, would make it impossible to oversee and make sure all systems work correctly.


Pilotfish first implemented the Gateway for the ticketing system, but soon all vehicle communication went through the Gateway, then it supplied the GPS position and on it went.
Today, the Pilotfish® Vehicle On-Line solution has grown into an open standard (ITxPT) communication infrastructure, which provides GPS, communication, surveillance, monitoring, vehicle id, power management and other services for all, including third-party, devices.
All onboard systems share information, are subjected to an automated registration and inventory and connected to a vehicle database which improves maintenance since everyone knows exactly what equipment belongs where.
The open standard provides vendor-independence for onboard systems, and through the Pilotfish® Drivers Console the drivers can manage all systems from one touch-screen tablet. The administration tool makes distribution of information and updates to all connected systems convenient through one single interface.
Today the system is used in all vehicles and vending places. Approximately 2 400 installations that minimize operational costs, make usage of the fleet more efficient and increase quality of services.