User groups

The Pilotfish® Vehicle On-Line system improves the day to day work situation for different groups within the vehicle fleet organization. Here you can read about how it affects some of the different roles.

Our typical users

All our dedicated and professional users are important to us, since we constantly work with feedback-based development, and do everything we can to create the solutions that will have the most positive impact on the working day.


As the driver, you are an essential part of the vehicle fleet operation. Pilotfish assists your daily work, with only one login, all IT system information in one console, checklist, messaging, fault report, fuel economy and much more, all through an easy to use Android app environment.


As a coach within the Pilotfish system, your primary task is to promote the development of drivers and help them drive more economically, environmentally friendly, comfortable and safe. Your main tool is the Pilotfish® Fuel Economy.


For you as a dispatcher, the Pilotfish system provides a powerful, cloud based and easy to use environment, with great overview of the fleet, still with detailed information just a click away. The whole vehicle IT system with both Pilotfish applications and all third-party applications can be managed though one collective interface.


Pilotfish® Bus Maintenance is a cloud based system where you can monitor all vehicle systems via computer or mobile applications. It enables fast vehicle deploying, routine checks, excellent overview of the vehicle states and makes it easy to proactively identify and correct problems.


As an administrator, you are a key player for the Pilotfish solution, and has been appointed from your organization to be responsible for maintenance of the corporate structure, user accounts, lines, vehicles, geofence areas and more. The responsibility can be assigned to one or several persons.