Additional Hardware

Power Management Unit

The Pilotfish® Vehicle Gateway controls the Power Management unit to turn on and off equipment. The possibility to switch systems off, means that you can avoid battery drainage during the night. This results in great savings due to the reduction in number of times a bus is not usable. The Power Management also makes it possible to wake-up onboard systems remotely, which is useful for remote access and down- and upload of data.
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Tachograph Download Cable​

To be able to use the remote Tachograph download, you need a special cable to connect the tachograph to the Pilotfish® Vehicle Gateway and into the cloud in either of two following ways.
Alt 1 – With DigiDL
The tachograph CAN-Bus is connected to DigiDL unit which is then connected to the Vehicle Gateway via Ethernet. The use of existing communication channel results in a cost-effective solution with minimal additional communication costs.
Alt 2 – Without DigiDL
The tachograph CAN-Bus is connected directly to the Vehicle Gateway. The integrated solution and use of existing communication channel results in a cost-effective solution with minimal additional hardware and communication costs.
Pilotfish can as an option supply the well-known and appreciated tachograph analysis software Optac3 from Stoneridge.
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Pilotfish® Xid - Identity Node​​

Pilotfish have developed a system that makes it possible for vehicle IT equipment to receive communication addresses. The system is named Pilotfish® Xdb and Pilotfish® Xid is its supporting hardware. Advantages with Pilotfish® Xdb and Xid are:

  • 100% identification of the vehicle which the equipment is installed in. This means that the maintenance of the on-board IT systems is drastically simplified and  thus the costs reduced
  • Onboard equipment is automatically identified
  • Input to an updated inventory database
  • Addressing to and from the vehicle is always correct
Pilotfish Node

The vehicle gateway receives the vehicle identity either from the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) orPilotfish®Xid. Information is broadcasted on the vehicle network and gathered in a central database containing communication addresses. Equipment that is connected to the gateway is as well automatically identified. Pilotfish® Xid and Xdb is a very important part in a well-functioning managed vehicle gateway system.

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