Bus Heater Control

Reduces heating costs for a busfleet. Unique control of in-vehicle temperature thanks to clever algorithms in an easy to use app.

Pilotfish® Heater Control gives you control of your busfleet heaters. The system is based on an App that is directly connected to the bus heaters. In the app you set the running time for the entire fleet or individual settings, bus-by-bus.

Diesel heaters are equipped with timers which handles their running time. The inconvenience is that individual settings must be set in each bus. It is timeconsuming and ineffective. The result is often diesel heaters running too long time.

In the Pilotfish® Dieselheter Control app you select the time when the bus shall be warm and ready, and the system controls the time that it starts and stops based on temperature in the bus combined with the bus heater power/strength.


  • ƒRemote control of bus heaters through an app
  • ƒGrouping of buses
  • ƒWater-proof cabling
  • ƒStatistics on heater running time


Based on the Pilotfish® VCP platform which allows the customers to connect more systems such as ecodriving, video surveillance, alcolock, tachograph download, navigation etc.

Pilotfish bus heater interface
Pilotfish bus heater interface

Part of the Pilotfish VOL System

Pilotfish has developed a complete on-board communication system where Pilotfish Dieselheter Control is one feature that can be added as an option.
The entire Pilotfish product portfolio is made up of 1) VCP Vehicle Communication Platform, 2) a portfolio of apps such as ecodriving called the PAP (Pilotfish Application Portfolio) and 3)
ITxPT applications from members of the ITxPT organisation.

Supported Diesel heaters

Spheros Thermo S 300