Fuel Economy

Fuel Economy usually saves between 5-10% in fuel costs. Combined with comfort driving, it reduces wear, damage and accidents. Fuel Economy is an eco-driving aid, measuring excessive energy consumption with instant feedback to the driver as well as reports to both the driver and management. 

The system combines input from the bus and installed sensors to calculate the driving style and to inform the driver in real-time on how to improve. A screen is often mounted in the driver’s view to provide the driver with real-time feedback on their driving style. Feedback is given both in-vehicle, through apps and through the web. Fuel Economy helps drivers to do continuous improvements, to plan their driving and to drive as fuel efficient and comfortable as possible. This also results in better passenger comfort through smoother driving. Correctly implemented, Fuel Economy saves money as well as the environment, with a typical fuel consumption reduction at about 5-10%. Softer and more cautious driving also results in reduced wear, damage and accidents, which in turn results in significant savings and improvements to the working environment.

When grading the drivers, a number of parameters are taken into account. To make the comparison as fair as possible, the set of parameters can differ depending on vehicle type (i.e. diesel, electric and hybrid), brand and traffic. We recommend a monthly bonus for reaching targets, since we have seen that it works as a great motivation for the drivers to engage in the fuel saving efforts.The bonus system can be set up according to customer wishes and requirements. 

Hybrids and electric vehicles

Eco-driving measurements for electrical vehicles and hybrids are in need of further investigation and trials. However, already now, the models are good enough to motivate investing in eco-driving systems. 

For electric vehicles, one of the most important effects of fuel economy is improvement of the battery range, since it sometimes decides where and how an electrical vehicle can be used. 

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