Automatic Fault Report

FMS and Tell-tales coming from the vehicle manufacturers interface is used in combination with other data such as battery status in order to create Automatic Fault Reports. These are collected and sent to the Traffic Operation Center for further treatments. When they are treated, the information is sent on to the workshop and it can be sent directly to external systems such as SAP or Maximo in order to create work-orders semi- or fully automatic.
Pilotfish App Automatic Fault Report
Pilotfish App Automatic Fault Report

Manual Fault Report

The drivers can themselves send-off reports on the faults of the buses. They do so by opening up a separate app called Fault Report. The app is configurable and it is adapted to the customers own fault reporting routines. The driver can fill in more information in the mobile app on a later occasion if they want to. The driver also sees an overview of what faults have been reported on that particular vehicle and when the fault was reported and comments from the workshop on the faults. There are three versions of the app – one for a fixed driver console, one for Iphones and one for Android phones.