Integration Consulting

Become vendor independent and tailor your needs with applications from all vendors. Enhance performance of each individual vehicle system. Integrate all your systems into the open standard of ITxPT (Information Technology for Public Transport).
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You can either implement the integration yourself, Pilotfish will provide all the necessary information, software and hardware to do so. Or, if you need more extensive guidance, then the Pilotfish® Integration Consulting is the perfect solution.
Whether it is video surveillance, ticketing, AVL (Automatic Vehicle Location), Alcolock, Passenger Counting, any of our Partners Offerings or any third-party legacy system, we will guide you through the integration process.
What you need for the integration is one of Pilotfish packages, providing the necessary equipment and software. This investment reduces your communication and maintenance costs significantly as well as your investment costs for all future onboard systems.
Once you install the Pilotfish® Gateway, which is included in all three packages, into your vehicles, you can integrate all onboard systems, both Pilotfish own, third-party, new or legacy, into one network, using standard cables. We also provide all necessary software solutions to enable communication between all systems including the vehicle manufacturer system, and the back office via the cloud.
With the help of our integration consulting, you will find that it isn’t hard to take control of your vehicle IT situation. It is actually easier than not to do it.
There are many benefits from the integration, like a single internet connection, cloud based enhancement of all units, information exchange between all systems, lower IT investment costs and vendor independence.
Contact us and we’ll tell you more about Pilotfish® Integration Consulting.