Partners Offerings

An extensive application Eco-system

The Pilotfish® Vehicle On-Line solution, is a part of a rapidly growing Eco-system of applications from many different suppliers, all adapted to the Information Technology for Public Transport (ITxPT) standard. Pilotfish solution supplies GPS, communication, surveillance, monitoring, vehicle id, power management and other services for all systems, including proprietary and legacy systems.

Two groups of applications

In this context, there are two main groups of applications. ITxPT-standardized and proprietary. The standardized applications from suppliers who, like Pilotfish, adhere to the standards of the ITxPT organization, all work together in a plug-and-play manner. The proprietary are non-standardized but Pilotfish integrates both new and legacy applications, so you don’t have to remain stuck in old IT solutions. 
To mention a few examples of integration, we have Nilex, Frida and BUMS for databases, Mobitec and MultiQ for signs, WIX, Point and Modulsystem for Ticketing, Consat and Hogia for Realtime systems, Dräger, Alcolock and ACS for alcolock, Stoneridge and VDO for Tachograph, TBO, Verint, BraVision and AD Holding for video, TBD, Thoreb, Iris, Dilax and Hella for passenger counting, multiple Android applications and all major bus manufacturers. 

Getting a bit technical

We solve all communication issues between all vehicle systems regardless of vendor, and there are three main areas, marked with white circles in the image, where we focus our integration efforts. The first is the VGI, (Vehicle Gateway Interfaces), where hardware connections and software communication solutions connect all different online systems to the Gateway to integrate them into the ITxPT standard.
The second area is the APIF, (Android Pro Interfaces), where we integrate Android apps to the rest of the solution. The third is the VBI, VOL Back-office Interfaces where we connect the Pilotfish cloud solution to your Backoffice interface. To guide the integration, we have developed the extensive Pilotfish® VOL Integrators Guide. It describes the Pilotfish® VOL (Vehicle OnLine), system, its various constituent components, and how to integrate with them successfully. We also offer our service Integration Consulting, if you want to take advantage of our many years of experience.

Are you looking for a partnership?

Whether you are a supplier of a vehicle system, an integrator/reseller, an app developer or an installer, we are open for cooperation. We are a specialized company, and don’t like to reinvent the wheel. We are part from integrating vehicle systems and supplying full solutions with all parts of the system handled by us, for example open to supply to integrators, where you take responsibility for the delivery, and we are a sub-supplier. We would also like to encourage app developers and installers in different countries to please contact us and let us know how we can use you. We would like to state that we are not locked-in. We are open to all application suppliers to form a cooperation. Please contact us for more information.

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