What we offer

We offer an extensive cooperation where we take responsibility not only for the system delivery but for the result.

We take responsibility for the result

We offer an extensive cooperation where we take responsibility not only for the system delivery but for the result. We offer to work together to improve and develop the system as well as the relationship, and we promise that it will pay off. With vendor independence, Fuel Economy, Android Applications and intelligent Score Cards you will gain overview, cost efficiency, reduce environmental footprint and make a return on investment, many times in less than a year.
A vast range of support functions built around Pilotfish Academy will help implementation and maximize your benefit of the system.
Pilotfish Ticketing

Choose the perfect package

Our three packages address different needs but they all give access to vendor independence within the Information Technology for Public Transport (ITxPT) standard. Each package also offers a range of customization options.
  • The Gateway
  • Vehicle Location app
  • Daily support
  • Integration of ITxPT apps
  • Score Cards
  • Driver console
  • Android Pro
  • Driver communication
  • Manual fault reports
  • Education
  • Fuel Economy
  • Automatic fault reports
  • Checklist application
  • Installer course
  • Fuel Economy score card

Price Model

The price model and our delivery are quite straight forward. There is a set startup fee for each vehicle and a monthly fee per vehicle, dependent on which services you chose.
For more details and price estimations please contact us.

To see a detailed overview of the packages download our pdf.

Adding value

As believers in an open standard, we offer a range of additional hardware and services from our partners. We help you gain vendor independence, and in addition to our own Android apps, we support third party apps as well.  


With the Android environment comes cost effective easy-to-use applications for fleet management. We offer a wide range as well as support the use of third party apps.

Additional Hardware

Check out our additional hardware, including power management, switches, antennas etc.

Integration Consulting

We help you with vendor independence and integration of legacy systems as well as new systems.

Partners Offerings

Together with our partners we can offer the whole ecosystem of IT for public transport. All within the ITxPT standard.