Our Applications

With Pilotfish system comes the possibility to use a variety of apps that simplifies
and makes day to day fleet management more cost efficient.

Fuel Economy

Fuel Economy is an eco-driving aid that measures energy loss and gives real time feedback to the driver on how to lower fuel consumption.


This verbal and visual turn by turn navigation, based on bus routes that are easily adjusted, reduces education costs and increases workforce flexibility.

Fault Report

Automatic fault report with FMS and Tell-tales from the vehicle interface and Manual Fault Report where the driver easily makes fault reports.

Alcolock Integration

External suppliers such as Dräger and Alcolock are integrated. The system detects and submits information to the back office about when an alcolock is used.

Tachograph Download

This app saves time and increases overview by automatically collecting the Tachograph information and the info on the driver’s card.

Bus Heater Control

This app, directly connected to the bus heaters, lets you set the heater running time for the entire fleet or for individual busses. Reduces heating costs with a unique control of in-vehicle temperature.

Assault Alarm

This push-button alarm solution uses the mobile network to alert the Traffic Operations Center in case of a dangerous situation.

Partner applications

We aim to integrate all available vehicle apps into the standard of ITxPT (Information Technology for Public Transport).
This enhances the performance of each app and lowers IT investment costs.
If you don’t find a specific app here, please contact us.

Inventory Database

Information sharing and automated registration and inventory improves any connected database. You will know exactly what equipment belongs where.

Vehicle Database

The Pilotfish® Vehicle Gateway and Pilotfish® Vehicle Identity Node assures that every vehicle is identified a 100% of the time.


Integration enables real time cloud-based ticket validation, for example mobile tickets, push updates and much more.


The cloud based system supports real-time info, up to each second and with route-related info and cloud-based data processing it makes onboard processing units redundant.

Video Surveillance

Download video files instead of collecting hard drives. Connected to Power Management, you can also wake the units all hours to download files.

Android Applications

The Pilotfish® Android Pro environment supports all standard Android apps, and we do our best to help with any integration issues that might arouse.

Passenger Information

The cloud feeds the system with information from other units like connecting busses or info about delays, and it can push content like video and music and software updates.

Passenger Counting

Integrating the passenger counting enables a cloud-based passenger counting system, monitoring and push updates of software.

"The continuous high savings on fuel in combination with good reporting and the fact that the system is based on the EBSF gateway architecture made the choice of Pilotfish obvious to us.”
Christian Monstein
Development Manager at Flygbussarna